Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Surprise Attack


Freckles gazed at me for a long time, and I wondered what she wanted. Maybe she'd take some food from me. I picked out a piece of cracker from the bowl beside me and held it close to the floor. Freckles looked from me to the cracker in my hand. She started towards me. I smiled, thinking she was finally going to take food from my hand. She picked up speed and ran straight for me. Suddenly, she changed direction. As she passed my feet, she gave the top of my foot a nip. Not a hard bite, but a swift nip that felt more like a poke. I couldn’t believe it. I’d been a victim of a run-by nipping!


Sara said...

A run-by nipping! Wow! Freckles really knows how to get a point across. You'd better watch out, Deb!

Deb said...

When Freckles thumped, you thumped back. Did you use the same tactic here?