Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Call to Action


I thought about the barrier to my Other World cave. I hadn’t seen it being built, but I had certainly heard it happening as I lay safely in my Home Place. The sounds from the Other World were those of shifting objects and a scraping that could only have been the barrier moving into place. But, I hadn’t seen who had built the barrier. It could have been the creature who had thumped at me, the one I’d beaten with my superior thumping.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I had been missing an important clue. The creature hadn’t been the only one in the Other World besides me. The high-voiced one had been there! I’ll bet it had built the barrier that was keeping me out of my safe refuge. I’ll bet it was laughing and feeling so proud of itself that it had foiled me in my attempt to dig my burrow. But, what could I do?

It took me only a moment to decide on a course of action. I stood and stretched, making my body as long as possible. I rose high on my back legs and stared directly into the high-voiced one’s eyes.


D. Elizabeth said...

I think maybe it's time for some more superior thumping...?

Deb said...

Not only are you a very brave bunny, you're absolutely brilliant as well!