Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Layer on Layer


Determined to keep Freckles from destroying my carpet, I stuffed another blanket and a few towels into the opening under the couch. I realized I needed several layers, so that when Freckles tugged on the outside layer, she would find another behind it. Maybe that would discourage her from entering. I hoped she would forget all about the couch and remain in the open where I could keep an eye on her.

When I was satisfied that I had built the barrier as strong as possible, I opened the door to her room and sat back to observe her reaction.

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Keithius said...

I recently had to stop my buns from getting under my new couch, and the approach I took was to build a frame of 2x4s and put it under the couch. Since the couch is just over 4 inches above the ground, 2x4s on their side worked really well. A few nails to hold it together (I love projects) and keep the buns from nudging it apart, and... it's done! Now they can't get under the couch... and they hate me for it.