Monday, October 8, 2007

Freckles Succeeds


I hopped over to the large wide cave and surveyed the strange substance that blocked the entrance. I nibbled and poked, but recognition of the material eluded me. When I attempted to gnaw a hole in it, I heard the high-voiced one shout and I stopped. It tasted yucky anyway. Continuing my inspection, I spied a tiny crevice between the material and the roof of the cave. Noting that the material only blocked the entrance and didn’t extend into the whole cave, I thought a moment. If I could grab it, I might be able to pull it away from the opening. I searched for a weak point and finally found one. Opening my mouth, I seized the substance, and yanked. It gave way! Quickly I scooted through the hole.


Sara said...

Oh, Freckles, way to go! You show that high-voiced one that she can't keep you out of your cave!

Deb said...

You go, Freckles! BTW, I like your new friend. Very sleek and frisky!