Friday, October 19, 2007

Coaxing Freckles


Freckles didn’t come out of her room that day. I waited and waited, while trying to read my book, but lacked the attention to concentrate on the words. I crept down the hallway to see if she was okay. She lay in a meditative position under the desk in her room. Every time I checked on her she was in the same position. I worried that she might be sick.

I tried to coax her out with her favorite dandelion flowers, but she ignored my efforts. I rattled sacks; I spoke to her in my most soothing voice; I positioned her favorite fruit pieces just outside the door. But, nothing worked to tempt her from the room. I decided to wait for her to change her mind.


Sara said...

Deb, smart move to wait. Freckles just needs time.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Thanks for visiting. We love reading your comments!

Deb said...

If Freckles only knew how much you worry about her!