Friday, October 26, 2007

There Must Be A Way In!


I stopped a short distance from the cave. The barrier blocked the entrance and looked stronger than before. I listened and sniffed for danger. All seemed clear. I stretched to see if I could reach the cave without hopping. It was too far. After two large hops, I nudged the barrier. I couldn’t detect any weak spots. I couldn’t see a way into the safety of the cavern. I checked the rest of the opening, poking each area in turn. There had to be a way into the inner sanctum of safety. If there was a vulnerable breach, I would discover it. I remained determined that the cave would once again be mine!


Jennifer Gladen said...

Great blog idea! Animals sure know how to have their own adventures.

Deb said...

We're rooting for you, Freckles! Don't give up.