Saturday, October 20, 2007



Determined to remain in my Home Place, a safe shelter from the creatures of the Other World, I rested under my favorite large tree. It wasn’t long before the high-voiced one brought me an offering of soft pointy leaves and yellow flowers. Could I trust it? Were these luscious treats presented in friendship or were they a poisonous trap? I decided to contemplate the possibilities before rushing to judgment. It was making those ear-splitting sounds again – hard to think with all that racket going on.

My nose detected the delicious smells of sweet treats coming from just beyond the Portal into the Other World. I would not be tempted to compete in battle again until I was ready. Sweet treats or not, I would not be tempted!


Sara said...

Way to go, Freckles! Stand your ground!

FrecklesandDeb said...

I am a very strong rabbit. I am not swayed easily!

Deb said...

I admire your resolve, Freckles, but you're missing out on really good stuff!