Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Cozy Night In the Other World


Freckles entered the living room. Actually, she kind of flew through the hallway and landed directly in front of my husband, gazing up at him expectantly. He reached down and rubbed her nose. She settled down in her spot beside his reclining chair and glared in my direction.

I peeked around the newspaper at her. Her ears pointed in my direction, so I spoke to her in my most soothing voice. She stretched out beside the chair, relaxing for a good hour. Then, as if suddenly remembering the earlier couch experience, she jumped up and hopped slowly toward the couch.


Deborah said...

don't you just love when "the chillout" comes over them?

Deb said...

I wonder if she was enjoying the television with you. What was on?

FrecklesandDeb said...

I'm not sure what we were watching that night, but sometimes Freckles does watch with us. (At least she stares in the direction of the TV!) If she's not getting attention and feels we are watching the TV too much, she will stand up in front of the TV so we HAVE to notice her =:-)

Deb said...

Freckles must have been a tv star in another life!