Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Freckles Renews Her Energy


I slept for a long while. Thumping battles take a lot out of a bunny. You have to remain alert throughout, planning strategy, straining to hear the slightest variation in the competitor’s thump. The strain on the nerves is intense, and you have to rest up afterwards in case there is a return challenge.

When I believed that the challenger would not return, I peeked through the small opening in the substance that covered the cave opening. The coast was clear. I yanked a portion of the strange material aside and jumped into the clearing, pausing for a moment to listen for danger. Finding none, I hopped down the tunnel to my Home Place.


Anonymous said...

"Thumping battles take a lot out of a bunny." I would imagine! Poor Freckles needs a nap.

Adorable picture!

D. Elizabeth said...

awww...thumping battles. maybe sometime you'll soften up enough to Deb to have petting sessions, with no thumps! =)

Deb said...

We all sleep better in our own beds. Get your thumper well-rested fiesty girl!