Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ignorant Bliss


Freckles had accepted me! Happiness filled me to the brim. I felt gleeful that my goal had been accomplished! Freckles allowed me to pet her. Petting was an activity that Freckles had denied me in the past. Even with my husband and son she was finicky about where they were allowed to pet: nose, ears, and back were about it. She had an important rule. “The hand must never go near the tail of the bunny.” I made sure during this petting event that the hand never strayed beyond the middle of her back. I wasn’t about to mess up now.


D. Elizabeth said...

I, too, get inordinately excited when I am allowed the privilege of the pet.

Deb said...

How do you know the difference between a bunny who's enjoying herself and a bunny who's plotting?