Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Queen of the Other World


This was my chance to check out the high-voiced one’s favored material while it was out of the area. I hopped over to the cave entrance and nosed the material. It was very thin and I was sure that it could be easily destroyed. I nibbled a bit of the corner. Sure enough it came away easily. It didn’t taste half bad actually. Hmmmm. This was going to be a cinch.

I grabbed a larger section in my mouth and yanked. A ripping sound greeted my ears. I pulled the piece away and grabbed another. Grab, rip, grab, rip, grab, rip. I soon had a nice pile of shreds in front of me. Ah ha! I would show that high-voiced one who was the Queen of the Other World.


Sara said...

You are the Queen, Freckles!

The Furry Kids said...

You go, girl! Shred that stuff!

D. Elizabeth said...

lol @ "grab, rip, grab, rip"

Deb said...

What else might you grab and rip?