Friday, November 30, 2007

Consumer Reports -- The Delicious Magazine


Since that day we have discovered that Consumer Reports Magazine far outshines all other magazines as the paper treat of choice for Freckles. From an entire stack of magazines, Freckles can carefully select the Consumer Reports Magazine from the middle of the stack and chew it to pieces. This is not necessarily an endorsement of Consumer Reports (although we appreciate their reviews and lack of ads), but it is more a testament to the yummyness of their paper and glue.

Caution: If you subscribe to this magazine -- keep out of the reach of rabbits (or at least read it quickly when it comes while you have the chance!)


Rachel said...

That's funny Freckles can pick it out like that. Interesting.

Rabbits' Guy said...

NOW I see how that magazine got on my Christmas wish list!!!

Freckles you shameless hussy. Did you send that message up here via the rabbit wire????

Deb said...

Haven't you figured out that it's her favorite because she thinks it's yours?!