Friday, November 9, 2007

Unsuspecting Deb


Freckles seemed to be asleep as I petted her. Eyes closed, she relaxed and allowed me to stroke her ears and back.

Suddenly, her eyes opened, alert to some noise in the room. She stared across to the couch I had just left. The newspaper I had been reading had fallen to the floor. Nothing very interesting...I was sure she would just ignore it.

(Deb will be out of town at a book festival for the next couple of days, and Freckles isn't allowed to play on the computer until she cleans her room -- not likely to happen. So, we'll be back on Monday!)


Deb said...

Deb, you should know by now that Freckles will always do just what you think she won't. I can hardly wait to read what she does to your paper.

Did Freckles do any cleaning while we played?

FrecklesandDeb said...

Freckles had a little help while we were at the Book Festival. Nice Guy helped her out! (Earned his name!)