Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Discovery


I found what I had been seeking at the summit of the bush. The surface of the object I’d discovered was flat and smooth, with colored pictures on the top. It looked as though it were made of a similar material as the article I had destroyed on the floor, but of a shinier nature. I stretched myself over the branch and nibbled one edge of it. YUM! This had a much better taste than the other item had had. I gave it a good yank and moved it quite a distance. One more tug and PLOP, it landed on the ground.

I stared down at the shiny object from my perch on the top of the bush. It looked like a much greater distance going down than it had going up. Well, I couldn’t let a little distance stop me now. I was the Queen of the Other World. I could do anything! I backed up a couple of steps and launched myself into the air. I swear I flew several feet before dropping to the ground, where I landed with a short skid. I ran back to the shiny object and started chewing.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Chew fast and then run Freckles. Our Benson chewed pages 85 and 86 of DR and got a time-out!

(Can you imagine a bunny on a time-out?)

Deb said...

Freckles, the Flying Bunny! You go, girl.

I think you'd better eat fast. High Pitched one has gone easy on you so far. What a brave bunny you are.