Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Trouble in Paradise


Freckles seemed to love the living room, especially her special hiding place under the couch. She would remain there for hours at a time. One day I was sitting on the couch watching television, and I heard a noise beneath me. It took only a moment for recognition of the sound to sink in -- Freckles was scratching with persistence and ferocity at a spot in the brown carpet. Had she been digging at other times, but I hadn’t heard her? Has she been destroying the carpet underneath the couch without my knowledge?


bunnygirl said...

My Tidbit isn't a cord-chewer (thank goodness!) but she did manage to dig holes in the carpet of the last place we lived. It's a tough thing to monitor if they find a spot under or behind something.

If you can't rearrange the furniture, your best option is to put down mats like the ones at or Failing that, a carpet store can give or sell you some remants to put down on top of the carpet, and that should help.

Deb said...

Maybe it's a sacred rabbit ritual!