Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nice Guy & Big Guy


My new home had great ambiance. I began to feel like I’d always lived there! It supplied me with everything I needed -- the small cave for the necessities of life and the large wide cave for resting and contemplation.

Nice Guy visited me often. It would talk; I’d listen. It brought me great food: lots of orange sticks, green pebbles, leaves, grass, and sweet treats. Another thing visited me as well. It was big like Nice Guy and had a low-toned voice too, so I called it Big Guy. It brought me some of the soft pointy leaves with yellow flowers I’d so enjoyed before my capture. Those yellow flowers tasted sweet and delectable. The pointy leaves had a smidgen of bitterness that complemented the tasty flowers.

And, of course, the thing with the high voice visited me. It bribed me with orange sticks and sweet treats. I’d sniff them to be polite, but I wouldn’t eat them until it left. I was still in control!

1 comment:

Deb said...

So, Freckles, does the one with the high pitched voice remind you of someone or something else? Or are you just having a bit of fun?