Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Road Taken...But Where?


I took a chance that the high-voiced one hadn’t set a trap for me. I couldn’t see much when I stuck my head through the entrance and peeked around the corner, so I plunged through the portal and landed without a sound on the other side. I looked back and could still see my clearing behind me. I was fairly sure I could get back to my large wide cave as long as the portal didn’t close.

Checking out the area was my first order of business. I didn’t hear anything to alarm me and the smells were about the same as my clearing. Except...I could barely get a whiff of something different coming from the end of the long tunnel. It wasn’t anything I recognized as a bad smell, and I decided to take a risk. I hopped slowly down the path. The trees were so thick on each side of me that they reminded me of a solid wall. But, I'd never seen a green wall before! The trip was a long one, but finally, I saw another open space ahead. I sped up and pounced on a spot in the middle of a new clearing.


D. Elizabeth said...

quite the adventurer you are!

Deb said...

The best title yet! Dear Freckles, you are so brave. I hope you're proud of yourself.