Sunday, September 9, 2007

How it all began...Nice Guy Comes Through


After Nice Guy rescued me from that big cavern, it held me for a long time and stroked my back. Then, it placed me in a new small cave. It spoke to me as we traveled. I listened, but didn't understand. I just liked hearing the sound of its voice.

I could smell all kinds of new odors at the new cave, but no other animals. There was a strong scent of green pebbles and leaves. The door to my cage opened and another thing with a high-pitched voice spoke to me. Oh, no! I’d traded one high-pitched thing for another one. Would they never go away? It placed a container in the cage and held an orange stick in its paw. Nice Guy, green pebbles, leaves, and orange sticks -- I might survive here despite the high-pitched one.


Deb said...

So, I've just caught up with the story. Freckles is so lucky to have landed in your house. His own room!!! I'd like to feel more of Freckles' fear. Smell more. Maybe taste his food. What is it that makes you want to give him a whole room in your house? Most of us wouldn't think of letting a rabbit run loose like that.

Love the graphics on your about me spot!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Thanks for visiting again, Deb. Stay tuned. All will be revealed =:-)

[those are rabbit ears on our smiley!]

Deb said...

Oh, you've created a new emoticon! I particularly like this one. Was the smiley Freckles' idea or yours?

FrecklesandDeb said...

The ears on the smiley were definitely Freckles' idea. She's become quite an emoticon addict =;-)