Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Moving of the Cave


I found the perfect place inside the cave to start digging my burrow. The best way to break up the earth for such a venture is to scrape as rapidly as possible. You have to put everything you’ve got into it in order to get a good start on the project. The momentum that builds from the outburst of energy right at the beginning makes the ground much easier to excavate. I didn’t know the properties of this strange dirt, but I assumed the concept would be much the same. I took a deep breath and started to scratch.

I hadn’t scratched very long when I heard the high-pitched one shout. Its voice sounded lower, so I stopped to listen. When I didn’t hear anything else, I continued to dig. A little of my momentum was gone, but I could still build the energy. This ground was not giving way.

Soon I saw the high-pitched one peering into the cave. It shouted again, this time I heard a sound I had been hearing a lot from Nice Guy -- sounded like “Firks.” I paused and waited to hear it again. There, it said it once more! Doesn’t it know that it doesn’t do any good to shout at me? I don’t know what its saying!

All at once the entire cave moved!


Rachel said...

Freckles is so funny. I hope we meet someday!

Deb said...

Dig, Freckles, dig!