Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Granting Entrance to the Other World

Every morning the high-voiced one would open the portal and grant me entrance to the Other World. There was a strange ritual I had to perform before being allowed passage through the opening. The high-voiced one would lean over with its finger out, and I would stand in front of it as it touched my nose. After the sacred sign was given, I would scurry as fast as I could through the portal and into the Other World. The freedom of the sprint energized me to such an extent that I practiced my leaps and high jumps. I'd found that there wasn’t enough room in my Home Place to complete some of my more complicated maneuvers, so this was a welcome work out. You have to keep in shape in case you need to escape an enemy.


Sara said...

Wow! I'm glad you waited for the "sacred sign" before entering the Other World. Smart Bunny!

Deb said...

The giver of the sacred sign is one to revere, dear bunny. You might try being nicer to her!