Monday, June 9, 2008



I cut up the paper towel roll into several smaller tubes and dropped them in front of Freckles. At first she nosed them, but soon she got into the spirit and tossed one into the air. Then, she tossed another one before carefully ripping it to pieces.

I’d finally found something that she could enjoy. I decided that I’d stop at the pet store on my way home from work to see what was new and different in the rabbit aisle.


Anonymous said...

Who knows, may be Freckles will even like it. lol. Anyway, it is better to try and good luck1

d. moll, said...

Is Freckles going to publish her findings in Consumer Reports?

Glenna said...

Yay! Tubes--I knew it, although I guessed t.p. tubes. I haunt the rabbit aisle at the store. My guys mostly don't bother with the fun toys I buy--they have a lot more fun shredding a bath towel.

buggins said...

Many congratulations on finally finding something your Freckles approves of! Best of luck, also in the rabbit aisle.

Hey, yeah! Publishing her findings in Consumer Reports would be a fab idea!

Asta said...

Auntie Deb
It sounds like Fweckles is picky wif hew wondewful that you found that she liked the papew..good luck finding new stuff.
big smoochie kisses to Fweckles

The Bunns said...

Maybe Freckles could sort of be like a mystery shopper for bunny stuff!

Daisy said...

Our bunnies have often enjoyed toys. One, a tiny Dutch dwarf, had favorite trucks he would push and tow. We would laugh and laugh! He was adorable.