Friday, June 13, 2008

The Shoe


I arrived home with my treats from the pet store and discovered that we had left our bedroom door open this morning. Freckles was nowhere to be found. I called and called her name, but she didn’t show her little face. Finally, I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the bed. There she was, spread out and resting directly under the middle of the bed. And right beside her was one of my husband’s shoes.

After I got her out from under the bed (no easy feat, believe me!), I checked the damage on the shoe. Tongue and laces received the brunt of the chewing. I guess she'd found her own toy to play with today!


d. moll, said...

With new laces it will be just fine, and will have story to tell........That's what my rabbits say.....

The Furry Kids said...

Oh, Freckles! I hope your dad wasn't too mad.

Asta said...


I love shoe too..awen't they delicious??
I'm glad you had a good time
smoochie kisses

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oops. So easy to forget to close a door. And so much fun to explore new territory. :)

purrs and tail wags

buggins said...

Nice job, Freckles! Near total bunn-aihiltion on that boot!

Deb: I totally understand the getting-the-stubborn-bun-from under-the-bed buisness! When Sammy finds that one of us didn't close the gate well enough, that's the first place he heads! Neither of us can fit under there, of course. He goes straight back against the wall, and I swear he laughs as we try to coax him out! Wouldn't be such an issue if we didn't have an air bed; all those delectable wires and hoses for him. I don't want to think about it!

Happy weekend, you two!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh gad it is frightening to imagine a bunny under the bed. When the Princess gets her house romp we must remember to close the door to where Chico is because there is a bed in there and zoom ... there she is and yes ... what a job to get her out!

Way to go on the shoe Freckles. You keep the economy purring that way!

Karl & Ruis said...

We have here some chewed shoes, too. Only the dogs did it! ;)

Today we ended our honeymoon and Karl will stay in the Netherlands for a week.

Back home now we want to thank you for attending our special day!!

Hugs and love from us,
Karl & Ruis

Anonymous said...

Oh I love a good shoe, especially DKM's leather pumps. ~Lando Bun

Keithius said...

Getting a bun out from under the bed is *very* hard, I feel for you there. My bed is a king-size, so I can't even reach all the way under it to get them out (on the rare occasions where they get in and under it). I have to use a broom or something to get them out - they don't want to go!

Just be glad Freckles didn't decide to make a nesting place INSIDE your box spring... been there, done that!

Deb said...

So, did you give her the other shoe so they match?