Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who's Crinkling?


I hopped over to the portal at the entrance of the Unexplored Territory. I could see the high-voiced one in the area just beyond the portal. It was making all kinds of interesting noises. Could it have been the one making the crinkling sound? Nah, not possible. I associated the crinkling sound with something good, so it couldn’t have come from the high-voiced one. I tried to see around the corner to see if Nice Guy or Big Guy were around, possibly fixing me a treat.


YowlYY said...

Reading your blog is better than reading a thriller! I am looking forward to new journal entries (and Hugo is too!)

Deb said...

You're going to have to face the truth of the high-voiced one sooner or later, dear Freckles. You're no dumb bunny!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Freckles, it is like a soap opera. I miss an episode but still it seems like I am right in the middle of things!

I wonder if you are going to eat spaghetti!