Sunday, January 6, 2008

Do Rabbits Smile?


When I had returned to the living room with the bok choy, right before I tripped over the coffee table, I'd noticed that Freckles was deep in sleep. She almost looked as though she were smiling! Nah, couldn’t be. Do rabbits smile?

I wonder if they dream. All the dogs that I've had kicked their feet and made growling and wimpering noises sometimes when they slept. I'd never seen Freckles do that.

She had been startled by the noise I'd made, but I didn't think she was fully awake yet. I carefully placed the beautiful green leaf of bok choy inside the bunny cave directly in front of Freckles. She wouldn’t be able to miss it when she opened her eyes.


Barrie said...

I wonder if they've even done REM types of experiments on rabbits? Ahh....the things there are to think about in life. :)

Keithius said...

I figure rabbits DO dream. I've seen my Betsy girl twitching when she's in one of her rare "dead bunny" sleep modes. I can only figure she's dreaming of doing binkies or something!

Deb said...

You can bet it wasn't bok choy that had her smiling like that!

Rabbits' Guy said...

I dunno about a smile ... we haven't seen one, but they do look less frowny!

Freckles and the Bok Choy .. Oh Boy! We await her decision!

Marissa Doyle said...

Deb, my Maple is an incredibly busy sleeper--his feet twitch and jerk, his ears move (he's a lop, btw), his nose wiggles and his tail waggles, and he even makes little sounds and lip-smackings sometimes. If that isn't dreaming, I don't know what is!