Friday, January 4, 2008

Bribery is Sometimes Best


After a great deal of deep thought and contemplation about how I was going to get Freckles to enjoy her new condo, I decided good old fashioned bribery was the best plan. I checked out the refrigerator to see what I could use to tempt her. I found the same old staples -- carrots, lettuce, broccoli -- and then my eye spotted what I had been looking for -- a treat that Freckles could never pass up: bok choy.

I returned to the living room with the largest leaf of bok choy I could find. I’d trimmed it from the white stalk, which Freckles never ate. As I walked in the direction of the condo, I tripped over the coffee table and crash, bang, boom -- I made a great deal of noise righting myself. My shin hurt, but I hoped I didn’t wake up Freckles.
PS. Happy Birthday to Big Guy!


Barrie said...

I like bok choy too. Freckles obviously has good taste in vegetables. Happy Birthday to Big Guy too!

archi ann said...

Good luck with that - I hope you didn't scare her!

Hey Mum - what's Bok Choy and how come I've never had any?!!

Rabbits' Guy said...

We haven't had that Bok Choy here at The House of Rabbits either. I know another rabbit that likes "russel spowts", and we have not had that as well. Let's see what Freckles does.

Deb said...

Bok Choy - Black and White Buck of her dreams. I know which I'd choose!

Happy Birthday Big Guy! I hope Freckles and Deb celebrated your special day well.