Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Twisting Jump to the Center!


Freckles studied the area of the kitchen and dining room. I could see her eying the dining room table. Suddenly, without a sound, she performed sort of a twisting jump into the air and hopped to the table, dashing between the chair legs to get to the center.


We're taking time out from our story
for an announcement from a
new bunny blog friend.

Katie over at Bountiful Bunnies is requesting bunny pictures to post! Her blog is running out of steam and needs new bunnies to show. You can send your adorable bunny pictures to:

Katie's been busy raising money for Anchorage Rabbit Rescue (click on the link at her site to find out more.)


Rabbits' Guy said...

Will the sated Freckles nap????

and ... more bunnies for Bountiful Bunnies!

YowlYY said...

Thank you for posting this...I have contacted Katie and I have a fair share of bunny pics to send her :)

But now please give us more...what happens next? It is almost more gripping than reading a thriller!!