Thursday, January 31, 2008

Making the Dressing


I searched the recipe drawer for the blended salad dressing recipe I’d cut from the newspaper last week. There it was! Let’s see, I’d need oil, vinegar, various Italian herbs (I’d have to use dried, it was twenty degrees outside and all of my fresh herbs were hiding under the frozen ground!), and Parmesan cheese. I gathered my ingredients and one by one added them to the blender container, pressing the button to merge them together into a delicious mixture.


Rabbits' Guy said...

There goes Freckles .... (when's dinner?)

YowlYY said...

Oh no....the blender!!!! Horror!! If Freckles is anything like Hugo, she will be bolting for her most secure hiding place. Hugo hates the sound of the blender...I now have to close the kitchen door when I want to use it because he just cannot stand it! LOL

Barrie said... about one of those mechanical hand mixers? You know, the ones that don't make any noise? I think Freckles would appreciate it... :)