Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Doorway of Decision


The spaghetti boiled away happily on the stove and I dumped the spaghetti sauce into a pan. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Freckles hopping to the entrance of the kitchen. She sat in the living room staring at me from the doorway. She had never visited the kitchen or the dining room, preferring to limit herself to the living room and her bedroom. Was she going to take a chance and explore other areas of the house?


Andrewbun said...

Explore Freckles Explore! Chew some rugs and baseboards!


YowlYY said...

Hugo is a bit like Freckles...he loves the living room, but he will enter the kitchen only with extreme caution. Maybe it has to do with the tiled floor? A slippery floor doesn't make a good underfoot material for a swift excape...just in case!

Barrie said...

Go, go Freckles! The kitchen is always good!