Saturday, December 29, 2007

Freckles Weighs Her Options


I'd thumped and nobody had thumped back. That meant there couldn’t be any rabbits inside. No bunny can ignore the challenge of a thump. But, there could be other animals hiding within the cave. Bad animals. Animals who could hurt a bunny, even if the bunny was the Queen of the Other World.
I'd stretched as far as I could go to try to see into and around the cave, but nothing showed itself. I took a deep sniff of the air surrounding the cave. It had a weird odor -- like no other dirt I had ever smelled. The combination of human and something else caught my senses. Should I take a chance and enter the cave? My heart bumped against my chest as I made my decision.


CrazyBunnyLady said...

Happy New Year's!

VintageRedhead said...

Will Freckles go in to her newfound cave? Try it, Freckles! You might like it!

Great fun. Thanks for the blog, Deb.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Well, I still think she'll jump up on top!

Happy New Year!

Those are great pix of Freckles and the "cave"!!!

archi ann said...

carpe diem freckles, you only live once and all that! it's a cool new condo - go for it!

then come to my place for a new years party! the high pitched voice won't be here, my mum that is, is away on holiday!

Alice said...

ok so i had to peek a bit more....

fats didn't go inside his house for so long! very suspicious of it. finally i fed him a dried cranberry in there one morning and now he thinks that the house makes cranberries whenever he enters. every time he wants a sweet he runs in there and sticks his little nose out at me to let me know he's ready!

your narration of the bunny world is totally prolific i absolutely love it!!!