Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's Missing???


I searched the room for anything else that might be out of place (hard to tell since the contents of the room were spread around the floor.) I realized that it's difficult to recall what you had when it might be missing!

I picked Freckles up and carried her through the house to see what other items might be missing. Some of my costume jewelry was gone from my office. Aha! The burglars weren’t very good judges of quality. The older computer that I use for a lot of my writing was still there. (I write on a computer not hooked up to the Internet, so I’m not tempted to check e-mail or Websites or other blogs!) Again, the television and VCR/DVD recorder were both sitting on their stand undisturbed.

When we reached the living room, I was about to put Freckles on the ground when I suddenly remembered our newer computer and the new television. I stood, clutching her firmly, and rushed to the family room.


lola said...

We're taking a quick break to let you know we tagged you for a book meme! See my blog for details!

archi ann said...

ugh... and we have to wait two more days to know... nosebumps to you, what a horrible experience

Rabbits' Guy said...

More ... oh no !!!!!!!!!!!

(what about the ice cream???)

Johann The Dog said...

Oh my!!!! You are making me sheltie spin! Woofs, Johann

Deb said...

I just realized that Freckles called you friend! I hope the two of you are able to comfort each other as you deal with the invasion.

Angel said...

Awful!!! Hope everything will be fine with your computer and TV!