Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Remains of the Door


I almost dropped the Breyers Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream when I saw the dreadful damage before me in the utility room. Suddenly I knew how the burglars had gotten into the house. The remains of our back door, including the door frame, stretched across the utility room, splintered wood poking out in all directions. Obviously, the invaders had smashed in the back door. It now blocked my way to the freezer. There was no way I could hold up the heavy door and frame while opening the freezer door. I backed up and tossed the ice cream into the kitchen sink.

I'd put it off long enough -- it was time to call the police.


The Furry Kids said...

Oh, Miss Deb, this is awful. :( We are having a hard time waiting for the rest of the story.


PS - Freckles, we tagged you for a meme.

Angel said...

Right you are! Let them find these thieves!

Deb said...

Let's hope Freckles can give them a good description of your intruders!

archi ann said...

YIKES! They really destroyed your door :( I'm glad you're calling the police. And glad you buy Breyers, it is the best ice cream, even if it isn't the cheesecake flavor!

The Bunns said...

Did you buy donuts too? Police like donuts.

Darn, we just knew the ice cream was in trouble.

What a horrible turn of events. Evil burglars.

If we weren't having so much fun being Country here, we would be terrible sad.

d. moll, said...

You may have to finish up the ice cream while you wait for the cops. It does seem time to call in someone wearing a uniform....our rabbits also were witness to a burglary..........