Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Making Lists -- Checking Them Twice


The 9-1-1- operator asked if the intruders were still in the house.
She asked if anyone was injured.
She asked what was stolen.
She said they would send someone as soon as possible.

I sat down in the living room to wait and called Big Guy at work. He said he’d come home immediately. While I waited, I grabbed paper and pen to write down:

What was missing:
Big Guy’s State Quarter Collection - worth $56.25
Costume jewelry – 1 necklace, 1 pr earrings, 1 bracelet - worth about $20.00
Some change from a dish on the kitchen counter – probably $5.00 worth

What wasn’t missing:
All TVs/VCRs
Both computers & printers
Checks & checkbook
Prescription medication
Computer games, DVDs, videos, etc.

Back door smashed in
Stuff scattered around rooms (but not much was broken)
Cracked mug

I knew we might find something else missing in the future when we went to look for it, but for now that was all I could account for. They might have taken personal information to use for identity theft, but I didn’t know what. All in all it wasn’t much like the crimes I’d seen on TV. I don’t know which was more depressing – that we had been robbed or that we didn’t have anything worth stealing!


Angel said...

Oh, that is an important question to be viewed! ))) Once again, I am glad to enjoy your posts after a short break!

DK & The Fluffies said...

It's a very good thing they didn't take the BUN!

Anonymous said...

Odd burgulors. Sounds like kids not up to anything but mischief. Still get that door fixed!

The Meezers said...

oh goodness, I hope they did not steal any personal information!

Asta said...

Hello Fweckles and DEb
Thank you fow visiting me...I think you awe vewy pwetty Fweckles..awe you a giwl wabbit ow a boy Wabbit? you live in the house and sneep in bed wif youw Mom the way I do??
Thewe awe so many things I don't know
smoochie kisses

FrecklesandDeb said...

Thanks for coming to visit our blog. To answer your questions:
I’m a girl rabbit.
I have a room which I call the Home World, but I roam all over the house looking for mischief to get into. When I need a little privacy, I return to my cage in the Home World for a while.
I sleep in my room, UNDER the bed which is like a giant cave. It’s really comfy there and I can see everything that’s going on in the hall!
I’m going to add your blog to my bloglist so I can find my way back to your blog and visit you!

archi's mum said...

wow that is an odd assortment of things stolen. reminds me of when i was a kid our house was broken into and all that was stolen was some money, including breaking my gumball machine to get the change (i was like 3) and they stole the ice cream and popsicles from the freezer but not the steak! other than how the door was destroyed in your home it sounds like it was kids or something - i hope it wasn't an ID theft thing.

The Cat Realm said...

Thank goodness they didn't take more!
Still a very very scary experience!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Has Freckles still got all her freckles???

What a collection of loot...

Somebody on a scavenger hunt??

Deb said...

I think they didn't take more because Freckles scared them off for you. She deserves a big reward!