Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kidlitosphere Conference, Part 2

I'm adding a couple of new pictures of Freckles with some authors at the Kidlitosphere Blogger Conference.

First, we have Lisa Schroeder, who is the author of a fabulous young adult book called I Heart You, You Haunt Me. She has a second book coming out in January called Far From You. Grab a pen and write those titles down, because you're going to want to remember them!

In the next picture we have Zu Vincent (on the left) holding her wonderful new book Lucky Place. Doesn't she have the greatest name! I want a cool name like Zu Vincent. On the right is Lynn Hazen holding Freckles and Lynn's new book Cinder Rabbit. That's right, it's a bunny story! We know that Lynn has to be a good person if she wrote a bunny story!

We also want to share a really fun site for you to visit. I didn't get a picture of Gregory K, but his website is chock full of clever poems. He was one of the presenters and shared with us a poem he placed on his site on Friday, September 19 called "I'm Pretty Well Connected -- A Web 2.0 poem/an online poem/a social network poem." You've got to go to his site here and read that poem! (And while you're there, check out his other poems!)

We've given you enough links to visit for today. We'll be back tomorrow with more interesting people and links from the conference.

Freckles and Deb


d. moll, said...

Freckles is the celebrity star, everyone want to get photographed with her.

Lisa Schroeder said...

I know, I love Zu's name too.

I'm honored you felt I was Freckles worthy!!! :)

Greg Pincus said...

Nice meeting you this past weekend, though bummed I didn't get to say hi to Freckles. Next time!

Rachel Hamby said...

These pics are too much fun, Deb. I bet everyone that posed with Freckles got a big kick out of it. Something different, you know?