Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Poetry Hop


It was up early the next morning and off to breakfast. Deb, once again, headed inside while I munched the scrumptious clover at the edges of the field.

After breakfast, I joined Deb inside the meeting hall and while she took notes and mapped picture book structure, I nibbled on the edges of the picture books. Who needs autographs when bunny-nibbled corners provide a longer lasting impression.

Then it was retreat time -- more writing for Deb and a restful nap for me.

After a delightful lunch back at the field, Deb returned to the meeting hall to learn more boring exciting stuff from an editor about how to reveal secrets in your novel. Meanwhile, I headed off in search of some forest secrets. I found some wild bunnies and we staged a poetry hop over the logs in the woods. I never knew there were so many words that rhymed with log -- hog, bog, polliwog...

From there it was just a hop, blink, and a thump until critique time. While Deb and some other retreaters critiqued one another's manuscripts, I curled up under a huge fern and took a little nap. Guess what I dreamed about? That big old brown bear. Hmmm, I wondered if I'd see him before we left.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Freckles and Deb Go Retreating

From October 8 - 12 Freckles and I attended the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators - Oregon Fall Retreat at Silver Falls State Park Conference Center. While I spent my time mingling with the other writers, attending workshops, and writing, Freckles found other ways to entertain herself. But, here...I'll let Freckles tell her own story.

Yup, Deb finally took me along on a writer's weekend. Usually I get left at home while she goes gallavanting off without a thought about my welfare. But, on October 8th we headed off together for the land of woods and waterfalls.

Dee picked us up and drove us there. A nice woman, that Dee. she didn't even fuss about me leaving bunny furs on her car seats! Deb & Dee talked and talked. But not me. No siree, I took the opportunity to rest up for the adventure ahead.

When we arrived, we headed for the meeting hall to sign in. We got our badges and found our rooms. Then it was off to dinner. Deb went inside the dining hall to eat with the other human writers. I stayed out in the beautiful grassy field, nibbling on some lovely dandylions around the edges and getting the lay of the land from some friendly, high-energy chipmunks.

Deb stayed for the evening meeting -- lots of announcements and a meet & greet writing exercise. I didn't really need any exercise, so I followed a trail into the woods in search of other animals to chat with. I heard rumors of a bear in the neighborhood from a group of bunnies who showed me a lovely patch of ripe berries, but I had no luck spotting the bear.

I returned to the grassy field just in time to walk Deb back to the lodge where she nestled into her super comfy bed. I thought the cave beneath the bed was just the ticket for a restful sleep after my busy day. I fell right to sleep and dreamt of a big brown bear running around the field with the speedy little chipmunks, cheerful brown bunnies, and me.  Tomorrow I'd need to get down to business and go in search of that bear!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Writer's Retreats and Bears

Freckles:  Deb & I are resting up after attending a writer's retreat last weekend. While Deb was hanging out at the meetings with the writers doing writing kinds of stuff, I found my own adventures to keep myself occupied. Stay tuned 'cuz we're going to tell you all about the meetings and the chipmunks and the food and the bear! Yup, you heard right -- a BEAR!

Monday, October 5, 2009

While Big Guy's Away


Hmmmm. Big Guy likes to plop this thing in his lap and scribble on it with a stick. Haven't seen him around the past few days. He must have abandoned it. Finders Keepers.

Maybe I'll just take a teeny taste to see with all the fuss is about....