Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yes This Ad is Delicious

Yes this ad is delicious.

Sometimes after a hard day of resting and eating, I like to rip a newspaper ad to pieces. I sneak them away from Big Guy's special hiding place when he's not looking, taking care to select just the right page for my mood. Then, it's rip, shred, slice, tear, mince, and destroy. When the pile of debris is considered perfect on the scale of my ultra-high paper strip standards, I plop myself upon it and enjoy the comfort of my labor. Whew! If you haven't tried it, you definitely should.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Doctor Said I'm Special

Freckles:   This picture was actually taken in July, but since this is what I'm doing as I'm writing this (munching some delightful dandylions), I thought it was an appropriate substitute for the real thing. I'm not letting Deb take pictures of me -- because of the shaved furs and stitches, you see. A gal's got to look her best when posting to the Internet and since they removed some icky fat thing from under my chin, the ugliness they left behind is rather prominent in pictures. You will just have to enjoy some lovely visions from the past until the furs grow back.

My follow up visit to the doctor went well, even if I did have to go to that awful place that smells of so many different animals my senses are still reeling. At first they thought I might have swollen lymph nodes, but instead the doctor thinks the fat around my neck might be doing weird things that most likely aren't harmful. He said I was special so he wasn't surprised that I had special stuff he'd never seen before. However, I did not like him talking about me having any fat.

Deb:  I believe all female rabbits have some fat around their necks. The doctor didn't say you were fat. You only weigh 5.5 lbs. He said you looked very good and quite healthy.

Freckles:   You didn't have to tell everyone how much I weigh. How embarrassing!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The News is GREAT!

We just got the good news -- tests are back from the lab -- the thingies they removed during surgery were not the bad kind of thingies. Freckles is fine and we are relieved!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We Forgot!

Oh, my! We were so busy fussing over Freckles' illness and surgery that we forgot our Blogoversary! We started our blog on September 1, 2007! And here we are three years later...who would have thought it!

Anyway --


Oh, and Freckles wants you to know that she is doing much better. Her attitude was not removed during the surgery and is coming back strong :-)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Freckles is Home!

Freckles is home from her surgery. She's pretty sleepy but is happy to be home. When we were about a block from the house, she poked her head up, sniffed like crazy, and started to perk up.

The stone that they thought was in her bladder was actually something free floating in her stomach! The doctor also discovered a mass under her chin, so it was removed as well. Both have been sent to the lab. Keep your fingers crossed that everything is okay. We feel hopeful!

Freckles says "hi" and thanks you for your happy thoughts! I'm sure she will have something to say later when she tells us about her adventure.


Why Freckles is Like a Rhinoceros

Sometimes when you accidently surprise Freckles (by sneaking up behind her, for example), she will jump in the air, do a 180, and grunt at you.

Recently, I was watching a PBS special on rhinos. There was a female rhino that they had captured to give her a physical and now had in a truck to return her to her home territory. The back doors of the truck flew open, the rhino charged down the ramp, pulled a 180, and grunted at the truck. I sat up in my chair and shouted, "Freckles!"

That is why Freckles is sometimes like a rhinoceros.

But, she is also a very tough little bunny. Right at this minute, she is undergoing surgery to remove a bladder stone. Please pray, send good vibes, and wish really hard that my baby is tough enough.