Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Freedom and Hope

January 20th, 2009

Today is the big day! Freckles and I are excited, proud, and hopeful!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What Did Freckles Do? (Day 5)

Well, Deb here. Freckles let me try again, but I'd better not mess it up, or I'll be permanently demoted from any and all future games!

Here's Question Number 5 about our most scary story ever!

5) One day while Freckles was napping in her Home Place, she heard a lot of thumping and bumping going on in the Other World. She could hear voices that she didn’t recognize. She stayed where she was until she could figure it all out, but the strange voices making the strange noises came right into her Home Place and started moving things around! Freckles was outraged that they would invade her space.

Question: What Did Freckles Do? Did she remain where she was or did she attack the invaders?

Think really hard about the answer and then check in the comments to see if you were right!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Did Freckles Do? (Day 4)


Okay, enough is enough. First, Deb gets sick and holds up my game, AND THEN the Internet connection goes kaput and we couldn't post! I'm taking over in order to get this show on the road! Here's the next question:
Question number 4: While I was in the Sky Place (Deb calls it the "Family Room"), Nice Guy came by to give me a present. I ran into the Slippery Ground Land to greet him and the present fell out of the sack he was carrying and rolled right past me.

Question: What did I Do? Did I chase after the object with the plan to return it to Nice Guy, or did I stay where I was and munch on some fresh leaves?

Bonus Question: What was the object?

Hmmm...This is a tough one! I really love fresh leaves -- but I really, really love Nice Guy, too!

After you've decided on your answer, check out the comments to see if you're right.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What Did Freckles Do? (Day 3)

Sorry, folks, Deb's been a bit under the weather and didn't get any more questions posted in a timely manner! But, she is better now, so here is question number 3!

At the beginning of last year, Freckles braved the Unexplored Territory (the area that Deb calls the Kitchen/Dining Room). She took refuge under a tree to check everything out. Suddenly, a terrible monster bellowed and Freckles quickly discovered another portal leading away from the Territory. She considered whether she should venture even farther from her Home Place.

Question: What Did Freckles Do? Did she go through the strange new portal or did she turn around and head for home?

Bonus Question: Who made the strange bellowing sound?

The answer to both questions will be found in the comment section!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Did Freckles Do? (Day 2)

Well, everyone seemed to enjoy question number 1. Here's a picture of Freckles enjoying a little nap in her cave.

Are you ready for Question #2?
The day after the “cave decision” our city experienced a tornado (for real!) Freckles was at home all alone and Deb was quite worried about her. Even though it was a super scary time, Freckles managed to survive the disaster.

Question: What Did Freckles Do? Did she run to her room to hide in a safe place or did she protect the house?
(Just like yesterday, the answer to today's question is in the comments section.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

What Did Freckles Do?

Freckles’ and Deb’s past year left our dear little bunny facing down terrible monsters, alien creatures, and even a tornado. Before we begin relating new adventures this year, we thought we would look back at those previous adventures and have a little fun.

That’s right … it’s time to play the super duper fantastically entertaining game:

What Did Freckles Do?

In this game we’ll remind you of an anxiety-filled moment in one of our adventures and see if you can remember what our brave Freckles did when facing that danger. If you haven’t been with us all year, this will be a good way to catch you up on our story! So, here’s the first question:

1) Freckles started 2008 exploring a new place that had appeared in the Other World (The world that Deb refers to as the “Living Room.”) It was a small cave that looked safe, but Freckles remained skeptical. She took a nap and when she awoke she sniffed the aroma of a lovely odor coming from the little cave.

Question What did Freckles do? Did she enter the cave or stay outside of it?

Bonus Question – What was the source of the lovely odor?

After you’ve thought of your answer, go to the comments section of this post to see if you got it right.