Monday, December 31, 2007

Freckles Bides Her Time


As much as I believed that there was nothing hiding in the small cave, I was too smart a bunny to leap in carelessly. I would bide my time, keeping surveilence on the cave to see if anything emerged. I had my concerns about a cave that was not there one day and suddenly appeared the next.
I knew there was magic in this land, but wasn’t sure how much I could trust that magic. I took a watchful position next to the cave opening and stared at it intently.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Deb Hopes for the Best


Freckles isn’t a rabbit who jumps into things without thinking. She cautiously examines all her options (looks before she leaps). She was taking no chances with the kitty condo. I was sure she would love it if she just gave it a chance. I crossed my fingers and watched.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Freckles Weighs Her Options


I'd thumped and nobody had thumped back. That meant there couldn’t be any rabbits inside. No bunny can ignore the challenge of a thump. But, there could be other animals hiding within the cave. Bad animals. Animals who could hurt a bunny, even if the bunny was the Queen of the Other World.
I'd stretched as far as I could go to try to see into and around the cave, but nothing showed itself. I took a deep sniff of the air surrounding the cave. It had a weird odor -- like no other dirt I had ever smelled. The combination of human and something else caught my senses. Should I take a chance and enter the cave? My heart bumped against my chest as I made my decision.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Freckles Thumps at the Condo


From my perch on the couch, I saw Freckles stop and search the room. She must have detected the newness of the condo in the corner. I smiled as I saw her ears shift forward while she puzzled out the strange object. Would she like it? Would she go inside? Was it large enough for her to fit? Then, in a startling move, she thumped at it! Every muscle in her body alert, she inched forward as she awaited a reply.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cautious Exploration

I approached the cave with caution. Who knew what lurked inside this new opening. I thumped my foot to let any creatures know I was there. Sometimes, a warning can take care of any disagreements that arise from surprise! When nobody arrived at the door of the cave, I hopped closer and listened. No sounds.

I leaned forward and searched beside the cave in case something hid behind it. When I found nothing to frighten me away, I poked my nose into the opening of the cave.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Location, Location, Location


I had searched the living room for the right location to set the cat condo, finally deciding to place it against the wall beside my husband’s chair. Freckles loved to spread out and relax next to his feet, so I believed that would be the perfect location to set up her new hiding space.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!

And a very Merry Christmas to all our friends
Freckles & Deb!

Monday, December 24, 2007


I hopped down the long tunnel to the clearing in the Other World. Immediately, my senses were alerted to a change. I couldn’t quite place my paw on what was different, but I knew that there was something out of place, not quite right. My superior eyes examined the clearing, searching the trees and bushes for a danger. I listened for any strange sounds. Suddenly, the realization hit me. There was a small cave beside Big Guy’s bush – a cave that hadn’t been there before. Now, how did that get there?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bunny Condo

While Freckles napped, I traveled to the pet store and purchased the item I’d seen in their advertisement. I loaded it into my car, brought it home, and proudly carried it into the living room. It was perfect! It looked just like a little hidey hole. With its carpeted exterior and interior, the little cave-like object would be I great place for Freckles to relax. Although the pet people called it a "Cat Condo" I knew that Freckles would never guess it was built for a cat! It would be her private little bunny condo.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Return to the Other World


After I awoke from my nap, I munched some of my delicious Timothy hay, drank from my water fountain, and nibbled on a selection of green pebbles. Refreshed and ready to face whatever the high-voiced one had planned for me this time, I jumped a mighty jump into the air and plunged through the portal into the Other World.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Advertisement


When Freckles finished her salad, she glanced around the room (probably seeking other mischief she could get herself into) and finding nothing of interest, she hopped down the hallway to her room.

I picked up the pet store advertisement from the Sunday newspaper and paged through it searching for new treats I could buy for Freckles. When I reached page 3, I stared at what I found pictured there -- the perfect item to make my Freckles happy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Awaiting a Future Opportunity


While I enjoyed the pointy leaves and orange stick pieces, I saw the high-voiced one pick up the shiny treat and depart through the unexplored portal. I knew it would never let me have it back and felt a deep-down sadness that the delicious treat was gone. But, if I found it once, I might be able to find another one. I’d just have to keep my eyes open for another opportunity.

When I finished my leaves, my eyes felt droopy and tired. It was exhausting using my superior brain to outwit the high-voiced one. I hopped back down the tunnel to the Home Place and took a nap.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Disposal of the Evidence


While Freckles focused on her salad, I grabbed the magazine and examined it. She'd eaten all around the top and bottom edges and a good portion of the side. I sure hoped she wouldn't get sick -- I’d never forgive myself. I carried the destroyed magazine into the kitchen and dumped it into the trash.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Bigger Bunny


I couldn’t take it anymore. I was starving! I needed nourishment! I jumped from the shiny treat to the delightful meal and began munching. Afterall, I told myself, I had already won the battle. Who cares if the high-voiced one gets the shiny treat. It was currently feeling the bitter despair of defeat. I could be the bigger bunny and allow it to have the remnants of the chewed up shiny treat. What did I have to lose?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

We've Been Tagged!

We're taking a break in our story because we've been tagged by two different blogger friends and thought we'd better respond before we get hit again! Because Rachel tagged us on Thursday before Rabbits' Guy tagged us yesterday, we'll go by Rachel's rules (besides, she only asked for five random things, Rabbits' Guy's tag asked for seven. Freckles did the math and five is less than seven =:-)

Here are our 5 random things (which really makes 10 things because we each have one for each category)...
  1. Freckles hates cucumbers. Deb likes cucumbers but prefers the English variety best.

  2. Deb works at a school for the arts where six different art forms are integrated with academic classes. Freckles stays home all day thinking of ways to integrate her wishes into Deb's activities.

  3. Freckles grunts and attacks the Swiffer duster if it gets too close when dusting her rocking chair legs. Deb attacks the furniture with the Swiffer duster, usually without grunting, (and then only when the dust is thick enough to write on.)

  4. Deb has three sons: Nice Guy, Nice Guy 2, and Nice Guy 3. They are all grown up. Deb isn't sure if she's grown up 'cuz she still loves children's books. We don't know if Freckles has any children (and she's not saying), but we know she does love to chew on children's books.

  5. Deb went to Europe when she graduated from high school and visited eight countries in 45 days! Freckles was found wandering the streets of downtown Camas, Washington. She's been quiet about whether she's been to Europe or not. (We're guessing the answer is no.)

If you don't know how to play the tag game, here are the rules: List 5 random things about yourself on your blog. Then, tag 5 friends at the end of your post with a link to their blogs. Don’t forget to let your blogger friends know they've been tagged. Then, it's their turn. They will list 5 random things on their blog and tag 5 more people and so on and so on. Make sure to go back to their blog so you can read their 5 random things.

I am going to tag Hopscotch, The Furry Kids, Mrs. Sniffles, Deb (she's a different Deb!), and Meezer Tails. You're it!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Freckles (Finally) Takes Action


I watched Freckles trying to make up her mind between the magazine she was sitting on and the salad of dandelions and carrots. It seemed like a long time, but was probably only a matter of minutes before she seemed to arrive at a decision. She stood, hopped the few hops to the plate, and enthusiasticly attacked the salad.

Friday, December 14, 2007

What is a Rabbit to Do?


I didn’t know how long I could hold out! My stomach growled in reaction to the delightful aromas that assailed me from the pointy leaves. If I left my position on the shiny treat, the high-voiced one was sure to pounce on it. Yet, How much longer could I stay there without a meal? What is a rabbit to do?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Freckles' Nose


As I thought about my problem, I noticed Freckles’ nose wiggled rapidly back and forth from time to time. I watched her glance wander in the direction of the dandelion-carrot salad I’d made for her. Hmmm. Maybe I wouldn’t have to do anything after all. Maybe her nose would move her from the magazine. How long could she hold out on temptation?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Temptation Takes Root


The high-voiced one sat quietly in the bush plotting its next move. I remained firmly on top of the shiny treat. Every so often I’d lean over and nibble at the edges. It still tasted good, however some of the deliciousness had worn off and the aroma of the pointy leaves, yellow flowers, and orange sticks on the plate near me wafted past my nose. From what I could see, the orange sticks had been broken into tiny shreds just like the ones I’d made from the thin material earlier. Hmmmm. The delicate little pieces would be tender and yummy. I could almost taste the delectable yellow flowers that garnished the top. I must remain strong.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Sit Off


I sat in my chair and thought about my situation for a long time. Freckles stayed plopped on the magazine, leaning over every so often to nibble on its edges. Didn’t she understand that I was just thinking of what was best for her? I didn’t want her to get sick for Pete’s sake. I decided that I would have to lure her away from the magazine. But, the dandelion-carrot salad hadn’t done the trick. I was going to have to bring out the really tempting stuff.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Long Live the Queen!


I won! I won! The high-voiced one gave up when I sat on the shiny treat. It positioned itself in the bush and contemplated my superior strategy skills. Long live the Queen!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

How Do You Move a Rabbit?


I couldn’t believe my eyes. Freckles really didn’t want me to have that Consumer Reports magazine. She plopped her plump little bottom right down on top of the cover. Now what was I going to do? I didn’t want her eating that shiny ink-filled paper, but I also couldn’t stand the thought that she might be mad at me again. The only way for me to get that magazine was to lift Freckles and snatch it out from underneath her. Freckles didn't like to be held. This was going to require some finesse. I sat down in my chair to think about my problem.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Holiday Greeting from Freckles and Deb!

We're taking a break in our story to wish you a very happy holiday season. Freckles and I have been working on something a little special for your enjoyment. You'll have to click on the following link and it may take a minute to load, but believe me, it will be worth it! If this doesn't get you into the holiday spirit, nothing will.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Freckles Uses Her ... um ... Brain

I could see that trying to pull the shiny object away from the high-voiced one was not going to work. It was too heavy and the high-voiced one was too fast. I had to think quickly. And, think is exactly what I did. With split second speed, I took action to protect my new treat. I did the only thing I could under the circumstances -- I sat on it.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Freckles' Surprise Move


As I reached for the magazine, Freckles grabbed hold of one corner of it and yanked it with her teeth. She shifted it a good foot from it’s original location. I lunged forward to try again, and she did something that made my jaw drop open in surprise!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Freckles Takes Action


Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the high-voiced one leaning over and extending its paw towards my new treat. I couldn’t believe the nerve of it! After all it had done to me, it planned to try to take back this new object I had claimed as my own. Well, I thought, that’s not going to happen while I’m Queen of the Other World.
It was time for action. I grabbed hold of one corner of my shiny object with my teeth and tugged hard.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sometimes You Just Have to be the Adult


Freckles stayed with the Consumer Reports Magazine rather than take the special treats salad I had made for her. I might have taken it personally if I had believed that she really meant to snub my salad. I figured she was just enjoying the newness of eating magazines.

Worried that the ink would be bad for her, I decided I should take the magazine away before she got sick. I hated the idea that she would be mad at me again, especially after all of the progress that we’d made in our relationship lately. But, sometimes you just have to be the adult and face the tough decisions. I leaned over to take the magazine.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Decision Made -- or is it?


The decision was a difficult one, but I took a gamble and stayed with the shiny object. It was delicious and food on plates usually remained available for a length of time. I assumed that the pointy leaves and orange sticks would wait for me. If I left the shiny item, the high-voiced one would probably reclaim it.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Magazine or Salad -- Which Would You Chose?


As I set the plate containing Freckles’ favorite salad on the floor, I saw her look up from her chewing of the magazine and glance at the treat. I wondered how the magazine I had been reading in the chair had ended up on the floor. I guessed that it must have slid from the end table to the floor and Freckles’ curiosity got the better of her. I was fairly sure she could never have jumped onto the chair.
The question that hung in the air now was -- would Freckles stay with the magazine or would she go for the special salad I’d made for her?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fie on Decisions!


I looked up from my chewing when the high-voiced entered the room. As it approached me I noticed a distinct aroma of my favorite pointy leaves and yellow flowers. The pleasant fragrance of orange sticks intermingled with the pointy leaves smell.

It placed the display of treats on the floor near me. I was forced to make an important decision -- continue my revenge on the high-voiced one by chewing its yummy shiny treat or leave the treat and attack the delicious plate of my favorites which the high-voiced one had brought into the room. Oh, fie on decisions. This one was too hard!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Consumer Reports -- The Delicious Magazine


Since that day we have discovered that Consumer Reports Magazine far outshines all other magazines as the paper treat of choice for Freckles. From an entire stack of magazines, Freckles can carefully select the Consumer Reports Magazine from the middle of the stack and chew it to pieces. This is not necessarily an endorsement of Consumer Reports (although we appreciate their reviews and lack of ads), but it is more a testament to the yummyness of their paper and glue.

Caution: If you subscribe to this magazine -- keep out of the reach of rabbits (or at least read it quickly when it comes while you have the chance!)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Scrumptious Treat


The shiny object tasted delicious. No wonder the high-voiced one spent so much time staring at this scrumptious treat. It amazed me that she hadn’t yet eaten it herself. Maybe she was saving it for a special meal. Well, I’d taken care of that!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Consumer Reports -- YUM!


I picked up the salad and carried it into the living room. “Here, Freckles, I have a special treat for you!” I said.

I saw a movement across the room by my chair. There stood Freckles happily munching on my Consumer Reports magazine.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Discovery


I found what I had been seeking at the summit of the bush. The surface of the object I’d discovered was flat and smooth, with colored pictures on the top. It looked as though it were made of a similar material as the article I had destroyed on the floor, but of a shinier nature. I stretched myself over the branch and nibbled one edge of it. YUM! This had a much better taste than the other item had had. I gave it a good yank and moved it quite a distance. One more tug and PLOP, it landed on the ground.

I stared down at the shiny object from my perch on the top of the bush. It looked like a much greater distance going down than it had going up. Well, I couldn’t let a little distance stop me now. I was the Queen of the Other World. I could do anything! I backed up a couple of steps and launched myself into the air. I swear I flew several feet before dropping to the ground, where I landed with a short skid. I ran back to the shiny object and started chewing.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Deb's a Winner!

Well, Deb didn't get her entry for today posted because she was putting the finishing touches on this thing she's been obsessed with all month -- she calls it her novel. And, guess what? She won NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)! She made it to 50,000 words (actual official count 51,560). They gave her a certificate and everything. The certificate says:

"This literary honor is bestowed but once a year upon the bravest, most dedicated, and GIFTED of writers who have achieved their creative potential in ONE absurdly challenging month. The bearer of this certificate (that's Deb) shall forever occupy a revered place in the firmament of HIGH-VELOCITY NOVELISTS, and his or her work shall stand as an INSPIRING testament to what can happen when one courageous writer triumphs over the naysaying and self-critical voices that stymie the flow of ART AND MERRIMENT in the universe."

I know a lot of other people made it to the 50,000 word goal, but I have to admit that I'm kind of proud of her. Of course, I won't ever admit it to her. Her head is big enough already!


I did it! I finished my 50,000+ words in November. I even beat the NaNoWriMo November 30th deadline. Of course, I won't pretend that the novel I wrote is remotely finished (or even very good!). There is a lot of revision to be done and it could use an actual ending, but those things will come.

I discovered a few things along the way:

  1. I CAN write more than 1700 words a day -- each and every day.

  2. If you can't think of what to write, just try asking yourself a question about your story. Before you know it you're writing like crazy. This technique NEVER failed me!

  3. I can (sort of) work without an outline, but I prefer to have one. My next step is going to be taking the manuscript I have and making that outline that I didn't start with. Then, I will revise with my outline as my guide.

  4. I can invent an entire new species! I did it! I needed a new species for my story and one just popped out of nowhere.

  5. Characters that you never thought of can just appear in your writing. My main character was running from some bad guys, and he tripped over this new character who was hiding in a bush. I didn't know the character was there until my main character was sprawled on the ground. And...the new character had information that my main character really needed to know. Weird!

  6. When I'm writing, I feel like the me that I know I am and that I am most comfortable being. I guess that is what following your passion is all about.

And, I know that Freckles is really proud, even though she doesn't show it.

(We'll be back tomorrow to continue our regular story.)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Preparing the Salad


I arranged the dandelion greens around the edge of the plate in a sunflower shape. In the middle I heaped the shredded carrots and topped the entire thing with yellow flowers. It was a work of art, if I do say so myself. Freckles was going to be thrilled!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Seek And You Will Find


I’d made it to the top of the favorite bush of the high-voiced one. I breathed deeply expecting the air to be thinner at this higher elevation. Everything seemed okay. I must have the ability to adjust quickly to heights. I looked around, searching for something, anything I could use for revenge. The seat of the bush was flat with a large branch on each side. I put my front paws up on one of the branches and searched the horizontal surface beside the branch. Suddenly, my eyes spotted the perfect object. It was exactly what I had been seeking.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Selecting the Ingredients


In the backyard I harvested some fresh dandelion greens. A special section of the yard provides weeds just for Freckles. I found some healthy leaves near the fence. The greens were endowed with a few beautiful, full yellow flowers. She loves those flowers and they would make the salad I was preparing for her even more scrumptious.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Scaling the Highest Heights


I watched carefully all afternoon, but the high-voiced one didn’t leave the textured bush. Finally, my surveillance paid off. It stood and walked through the portal to the room I have not yet explored. This was my chance! I jumped into the air, and as fast as the wind, I sped to the bush.
This shrub looked massive. From my vantage point, I couldn’t make out where the top ledge began. Would I have enough leap in me to reach the top? I wasn’t sure, but I breathed in a healthy dose of self-confidence and leapt to the highest point. I landed...and stayed. No falling backwards for me. I’d made it. I stood at the summit of the bush.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Deb Makes a Plan


Freckles seemed content to rest among the shreds and watch my every movement. As much as I wanted to accommodate her, I needed to start dinner. Maybe I’d make a special salad for Freckles tonight with dandelion greens, shredded carrots (in honor of her shredding activity), and pears. She hadn’t gone for the apple; maybe she was craving pear instead. I closed my magazine and set it on the end table. Then, I rose and walked to the kitchen still planning her special salad.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Revenge Continues


I rested in my pile of shreds and contemplated my next move. The shredding of the newspaper hadn’t worked as well as I’d planned. I needed a new plan. What else did the high-voiced one enjoy? I thought and thought, all the while glaring at it as it moved around the room.
I ignored the sweet treat, although it looked and smelled rather tasty. I strengthened my willpower against the temptation to eat the high-voiced one’s bribe.

Eventually, the high-voiced one settled into the seat on the large, textured bush. A glimmer of an idea struck me. That was it! The bush! It liked to sit there. I needed to climb to the top of the bush to see what opportunities it provided.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Is this Bonding?


When Freckles finished shredding the newspaper, she plopped her body down on top of the shreds. Yep, I had been right; she’d built a nest. She stayed there most of the day, staring at me. I thought it was sweet that she wanted to keep track of me. But, I puzzled over the fact that she hadn’t touched the apple quarter I’d brought her. Maybe she’d digested some of the newspaper and had a tummy ache. I guess I’ll have to make sure she had plenty of her favorite Timothy hay and dandelions to keep her happy. I settled in my chair and read a magazine, content in the knowledge that Freckles and I had bonded.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Enjoying Revenge


I continued with my shredding, determined to reduce the entire material to pieces. Revenge was fun. The destruction was cathartic. Grab, yank, rip, shred. I hadn’t had such a good time in a long while.

Unfortunately, the high-voiced one didn’t seem to care. It just stood there, sneering, with the sweet treat in its paw. It didn’t shout or grab the material or push me out of the way, as I was sure it would. I had thought it would be heartbroken over the destruction of its favorite object just as I was heartbroken over the blocking of my cave. But, no, it was going to take more that a little shredding to get revenge on this one!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Revenge Nest


Luckily I’d finished reading the newspaper, because it would be impossible to piece back together now! I smiled. Of course, I hadn’t thought of it before. Freckles is a girl. In the wild she would have dug a burrow and built a nest. Poor girl! This must be how she was showing me she needed nesting materials. Her timothy hay was in the bedroom. She didn’t have anything like that here in the living room. Well, I wasn’t going to have hay spread all over the living room. I’d let her shred the newspaper and then pick it up later. What could it possibly hurt?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Revenge is Sweet


I was so busy shredding that I didn’t hear the high-voiced one enter the room. Suddenly, it was standing behind me. I sniffed the air and realized that it had my favorite treat in its paw. Bribery! That was how it planned to woo me away from my revenge -- with bribery! I glared up at it. This was revenge. I couldn’t be bought!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sweet Treat


I cut up an apple and removed the core from a quarter section. Freckles liked having a ridge to grab onto when she ate her apples, so quarter sections worked well. I didn’t peel it. She loved the peels on her apples. This one was a Gala, her favorite variety.

I picked up the apple piece and returned to the living room where I glanced around the room in search of my new little buddy. It didn’t take long to locate her, standing by the couch surrounded by the shredded remnants of my forgotten newspaper.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Queen of the Other World


This was my chance to check out the high-voiced one’s favored material while it was out of the area. I hopped over to the cave entrance and nosed the material. It was very thin and I was sure that it could be easily destroyed. I nibbled a bit of the corner. Sure enough it came away easily. It didn’t taste half bad actually. Hmmmm. This was going to be a cinch.

I grabbed a larger section in my mouth and yanked. A ripping sound greeted my ears. I pulled the piece away and grabbed another. Grab, rip, grab, rip, grab, rip. I soon had a nice pile of shreds in front of me. Ah ha! I would show that high-voiced one who was the Queen of the Other World.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Treat to Seal the Deal


I decided that I should reward Freckles for this step forward in our relationship. A fruit treat would be just the thing to cement our new bond. After petting her for several minutes, I stood, brushed the rabbit hair from my slacks, and headed for the kitchen to get a snack for Freckles.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Freckles’ New Plan


A plan formed in my mind as I rested there beside Big Guy’s feet and allowed the high-voiced one to stroke my back. Let it think it had won me over. I had a better way to show it how angry I was.

I waited until it gave up the stroking and left the Other World. Interestingly, it parted through a Portal that I had not yet explored. There would be plenty of time to explore there later. Now, I had to get to work. The high-voiced one had not realized the favored material had fallen to the floor. This was my chance to examine the substance. This was my chance to plot my revenge.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Unsuspecting Deb


Freckles seemed to be asleep as I petted her. Eyes closed, she relaxed and allowed me to stroke her ears and back.

Suddenly, her eyes opened, alert to some noise in the room. She stared across to the couch I had just left. The newspaper I had been reading had fallen to the floor. Nothing very interesting...I was sure she would just ignore it.

(Deb will be out of town at a book festival for the next couple of days, and Freckles isn't allowed to play on the computer until she cleans her room -- not likely to happen. So, we'll be back on Monday!)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

An Opportunity Arises


As I contemplated how I could get through that high-voiced one’s thick skull that I was angry with it, I allowed it the privilege of rubbing my nose, ears, and back. It seemed to enjoy this grooming ritual, and I thought it couldn’t hurt to keep it off guard for a bit longer. I would have to come up with a new plan to show it my annoyance at its part in building the barrier. But, what could my new plan be?

My eyes were closed, but I heard something fall to the ground across the room. I opened my eye to see what had happened. It was the substance that the high-voiced one was holding in its paws during my warning nip. It had fallen from the tree where it had left it and had landed in the dirt. I couldn’t tell from this distance, but it looked like it was made from a weaker material than the barrier. Hmmmm. It seemed to be an item that the high-voiced one cherished because it was holding it for a long time. Maybe I could use that fact against it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ignorant Bliss


Freckles had accepted me! Happiness filled me to the brim. I felt gleeful that my goal had been accomplished! Freckles allowed me to pet her. Petting was an activity that Freckles had denied me in the past. Even with my husband and son she was finicky about where they were allowed to pet: nose, ears, and back were about it. She had an important rule. “The hand must never go near the tail of the bunny.” I made sure during this petting event that the hand never strayed beyond the middle of her back. I wasn’t about to mess up now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Unexpected Reaction


Well, this certainly wasn’t what I expected! The high-voiced one came over to me and sat next to me. Wasn’t it going to remove the barrier? I’d nipped it to get it to mind, and here it was just trying to annoy me! It held out its paw and touched my nose -- just like it does in our ritual before I leave my Home Place and journey through the portal to the Other World. It rubbed my nose a bit and then stroked my back with its paw. It felt kind of good. Now, what was I going to do. It didn’t seem to get the idea at all. I closed my eyes and contemplated my next move.

Monday, November 5, 2007



I sat on the floor next to Freckles so I could be at her level. I reached out and petted her nose and then stroked her back. She flattened herself and stayed very still, even closing her eyes at one point. What bliss! Freckles had finally accepted me!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Freckles Waits


After nipping my warning at the high-voiced one, I puffed out my chest and settled in my spot, a strategic position beside Big Guy’s feets. From this, my second favorite position (after the inner sanctum of my cave) I could see the entire clearing of the Other World. I could especially see the high-voiced one. I’d sure showed it who was the boss. Now, it would surely do the right thing and remove the barrier. If not, it would feel more of my wrath.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Cluelessness of Deb


Well, I guess I’d been told! Freckles ran past my chair and nipped my foot. How should I interpret this nipping? I’d read that sometimes rabbits are looking for attention when they nip. I somehow didn’t think that Freckles was searching out my attention. Or was she? She couldn’t be angry with me. There’s no way she could know that I was the one who reinforced the barrier to the cave with more blankets, because she wasn’t in the room when I did it. Maybe she wanted me to play! That’s it, I decided. She wanted me to put down the newspaper and have some fun with her. I was thrilled to accommodate her.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Nip of Warning


I had to let it know that I was aware of its treachery. I needed to make a point. I did it in the only way I knew how. I could kick or I could bite. I chose biting. I decided I would give it a warning nip first, more of a nibble. It would know I was angry and would realize that I had the ability to hurt it if I chose. It would think twice before crossing me again!

The high-voiced one gave me a frightful sneer and then held its paw down with a luscious treat to tempt me. I pretended to run for the treat, but veered at the last minute and nipped one of its feets. Aha! I had hit the target. I had nipped my warning.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

National Novel Writing Month


Just thought I'd take a moment out here to tell you what Deb is doing! She's gone and signed up to write a novel this month! A bunch of other writers on the Verla Kay Children's Writer site talked her into it. They were so excited about challenging themselves that she got caught up in the fun and signed herself right up!

Anyway, she's starting today to write a 50,000-word novel by November 30th! That's 1,667 words every single day for 30 days! And she's got work and some meetings and stuff she has to go to, so where she's going to find the time for this plus tell our story, I don't know! Guess we'll see! (And we're just getting to the exciting part of our story!)

You can follow her progress by clicking the icon on the right side of the screen -- the one that looks like this (Sometimes their site is a little slow to load because they've got over 90,000 writers participating) :

Wish her luck!
She's gonna need it =:-)

The Surprise Attack


Freckles gazed at me for a long time, and I wondered what she wanted. Maybe she'd take some food from me. I picked out a piece of cracker from the bowl beside me and held it close to the floor. Freckles looked from me to the cracker in my hand. She started towards me. I smiled, thinking she was finally going to take food from my hand. She picked up speed and ran straight for me. Suddenly, she changed direction. As she passed my feet, she gave the top of my foot a nip. Not a hard bite, but a swift nip that felt more like a poke. I couldn’t believe it. I’d been a victim of a run-by nipping!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Call to Action


I thought about the barrier to my Other World cave. I hadn’t seen it being built, but I had certainly heard it happening as I lay safely in my Home Place. The sounds from the Other World were those of shifting objects and a scraping that could only have been the barrier moving into place. But, I hadn’t seen who had built the barrier. It could have been the creature who had thumped at me, the one I’d beaten with my superior thumping.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I had been missing an important clue. The creature hadn’t been the only one in the Other World besides me. The high-voiced one had been there! I’ll bet it had built the barrier that was keeping me out of my safe refuge. I’ll bet it was laughing and feeling so proud of itself that it had foiled me in my attempt to dig my burrow. But, what could I do?

It took me only a moment to decide on a course of action. I stood and stretched, making my body as long as possible. I rose high on my back legs and stared directly into the high-voiced one’s eyes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Freckles Reflects


I wonder what rabbits think about when they are sprawled out and staring. Are they reflecting on their activities and wondering about the purpose and meaning of life? Are they thinking great philosophical thoughts? Are they planning their next meal?

Whatever Freckles was thinking about that day, she did so for a very long time. Nothing on her body moved except her nose and her ears, which occasionally shifted in response to some sound in the house. Finally, she seemed to make up her mind. She stood, stretched, and looked directly into my eyes.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Not a Flaw to be Found


No matter how hard I looked I couldn’t locate a flaw in the barrier. When I did discover a place where the layer was thin, I could see that behind it stood yet another layer blocking my way. It was hopeless. The inner sanctum where I’d felt so safe and protected, where I’d planned to dig my burrow, where the strange fluffy ground was just beginning to give way under my diligent scratching, was no longer open to me.

I’d need another plan. I stretched out near the cave to brainstorm my options.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Remembering Littles

In Memoriam


Our dear friend Littles passed away in his sleep on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 of natural causes. Littles, a seven-year old dwarf rabbit who looked like a gray-speckled mini version of Freckles, was a terrific companion to Nathan, Brent, Mani, William, and Mana.

Littles loved special treats, teasing his puppy pal Scramble, running in circles around your feet, receiving nose rubs, and staring at Nice Guy when he visited. Littles lived a happy life and was loved.

Littles, you will be missed!

When you finish reading this, please give your own bunny a special treat and an extra nose rub. If you don't have a bunny, why not consider adopting one? Littles would have approved! (And Freckles thinks it's a great idea too!)

(We're taking time out from our regular story to pay tribute to our little friend. We'll return with the next installment of The Adventures of Freckles and Deb, Bunny Bloggers tomorrow.)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Barrier Holds


Freckles worked her way down the front of the couch, poking the blankets that barred her entrance. I held my breath, hoping on one hand that she wouldn’t find an area to enter and thus my carpet would be safe, yet on the other hand I was kind of hoping she would discover a weak spot and show the world how clever she was.

When she reached the end of the couch, she plopped down in resignation. She seemed to be contemplating her next move.

Friday, October 26, 2007

There Must Be A Way In!


I stopped a short distance from the cave. The barrier blocked the entrance and looked stronger than before. I listened and sniffed for danger. All seemed clear. I stretched to see if I could reach the cave without hopping. It was too far. After two large hops, I nudged the barrier. I couldn’t detect any weak spots. I couldn’t see a way into the safety of the cavern. I checked the rest of the opening, poking each area in turn. There had to be a way into the inner sanctum of safety. If there was a vulnerable breach, I would discover it. I remained determined that the cave would once again be mine!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Brave Bunny Never Gives Up


Freckles hopped towards the couch, taking her sweet time -- almost as though she were out for a Sunday stroll. When she reached the end of the coffee table, she stopped and stared at the newly reinforced barrier of blankets I had built under the couch. She sniffed, her little nose wiggling furiously. She stretched her body forward and then took two hops, stopping at the edge of the couch. She nosed the blankets, testing to see if there were any weaknesses in the barrier.

I held my breath...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Glare-Stare


Big Guy rubbed my nose with its paw. It seems to like enjoy doing that and the feeling is pleasant, so I let it happen. Plopping beside its giant feets, I rested, contemplating my next move.

The high-voiced one made the usual noises that punctured my ears, so I glared at it, hoping it would stop. Finally, it did. I knew my glare-stare could do it!

After a while I grew bored and decided to explore the surroundings to see if my cave was still blocked. I stood, stretched, and journeyed towards my destination.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Cozy Night In the Other World


Freckles entered the living room. Actually, she kind of flew through the hallway and landed directly in front of my husband, gazing up at him expectantly. He reached down and rubbed her nose. She settled down in her spot beside his reclining chair and glared in my direction.

I peeked around the newspaper at her. Her ears pointed in my direction, so I spoke to her in my most soothing voice. She stretched out beside the chair, relaxing for a good hour. Then, as if suddenly remembering the earlier couch experience, she jumped up and hopped slowly toward the couch.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Returning to the Other World


Sitting under my tree in my Home Place, I kept my ears pointed toward the Portal into the Other World. Finally, I heard the sound I had been listening for – first the rustling noise that comes just before the low-toned sound that Big Guy makes. I jumped to my feet and edged toward the entryway, listening once more. Again, I heard the rustling noise and Big Guy. Leaping as high as I could, I sped down the tunnel and into the large clearing, landing directly in front of Big Guy’s giant feet.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Freckles Gives In


Freckles didn’t come out all that day, and she never touched the treats I'd left for her.

After my husband and I finished dinner in the evening, we retired to the living room for some television, conversation, and newspaper reading. I gave the newspaper an extra shake each time I turned the pages. In the past the rattling of the newspaper provided a signal for Freckles to run to the living room. I hoped that it would do the trick tonight. I'd just opened the life section of the paper when I detected a movement out of the corner of my eye. The object streaking through the room bore the same colors as the newspaper, but had a much rounder shape.

Saturday, October 20, 2007



Determined to remain in my Home Place, a safe shelter from the creatures of the Other World, I rested under my favorite large tree. It wasn’t long before the high-voiced one brought me an offering of soft pointy leaves and yellow flowers. Could I trust it? Were these luscious treats presented in friendship or were they a poisonous trap? I decided to contemplate the possibilities before rushing to judgment. It was making those ear-splitting sounds again – hard to think with all that racket going on.

My nose detected the delicious smells of sweet treats coming from just beyond the Portal into the Other World. I would not be tempted to compete in battle again until I was ready. Sweet treats or not, I would not be tempted!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Coaxing Freckles


Freckles didn’t come out of her room that day. I waited and waited, while trying to read my book, but lacked the attention to concentrate on the words. I crept down the hallway to see if she was okay. She lay in a meditative position under the desk in her room. Every time I checked on her she was in the same position. I worried that she might be sick.

I tried to coax her out with her favorite dandelion flowers, but she ignored my efforts. I rattled sacks; I spoke to her in my most soothing voice; I positioned her favorite fruit pieces just outside the door. But, nothing worked to tempt her from the room. I decided to wait for her to change her mind.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Nightmare


I slept poorly in my Home Place. I dreamt of a colossal shaggy-haired beast who chased me around the Other World, thumping its gigantic feet and clapping its humongous paws. I scampered into the cave, but it found me, peering into the cave with its glowing yellow eyes.
Then, I felt the ground shaking, followed by a thunderous roar as the cave shifted from side to side. I closed my eyes and held on to the ground as tightly as I could, grabbing the fuzzy substance that covered it and digging my claws into its surface.
Suddenly, the shaking stopped and I woke up. I was confused and scared as I looked around my Home Place. Here I was safe; Here I would stay.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Layer on Layer


Determined to keep Freckles from destroying my carpet, I stuffed another blanket and a few towels into the opening under the couch. I realized I needed several layers, so that when Freckles tugged on the outside layer, she would find another behind it. Maybe that would discourage her from entering. I hoped she would forget all about the couch and remain in the open where I could keep an eye on her.

When I was satisfied that I had built the barrier as strong as possible, I opened the door to her room and sat back to observe her reaction.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Freckles Renews Her Energy


I slept for a long while. Thumping battles take a lot out of a bunny. You have to remain alert throughout, planning strategy, straining to hear the slightest variation in the competitor’s thump. The strain on the nerves is intense, and you have to rest up afterwards in case there is a return challenge.

When I believed that the challenger would not return, I peeked through the small opening in the substance that covered the cave opening. The coast was clear. I yanked a portion of the strange material aside and jumped into the clearing, pausing for a moment to listen for danger. Finding none, I hopped down the tunnel to my Home Place.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Reinforcing the Barrier


Freckles had been the last one to thump, but the digging had stopped, so I didn’t continue our competition. At least I had found a way to draw her attention away from the carpet.

Now, how was I going to keep her from going under the couch in the future? The layer of blankets hadn’t worked; she'd found an opening lickety split. I’d just have to find more blankets to reinforce the barrier before she entered the living room the next time.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

She Who Thumps Last ...

I listened carefully, but didn’t hear a response after I’d thumped, so I resumed my digging. Maybe the other creature had fled, afraid to face me. The barrier at the entrance of the cave blocked any possibility of my spotting this intruder.

I froze when I heard another thump, this one as loud as the last. Without hesitation I thumped back. It’s important in these situations to reply as quickly as possible. She who thumps last wins! We continued the contest for several more thumps, after which the other creature must have gotten the hint and retreated. After a long period with no thumps from the enemy, I rejoiced. I’d thumped last! I’d won the battle!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Thumping Contest


Freckles thumped at me! I’d thumped first, of course, but she responded. We were having a conversation -- a thumping conversation. Maybe she'd recognized my frustration and would humor me by stopping her digging.

The pause lasted for only a few seconds however, and soon I could hear the scratching sounds emerge from under the couch. I thumped my foot. There was silence, and then, yes, there it was again -- Freckles thumped back.

I thumped.
She thumped.
I thumped.
She thumped.
It became a competition, but it kept her from digging!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Freckles Responds


The thunderous blast made me stop digging. What was this? Had a tree fallen? Was it another rabbit? I sniffed. No sign of storm clouds in the air. No sign of other rabbits in the vicinity. I hadn’t imagined it, of that I was sure. Something thumped louder than any thump I had ever heard. But, though I waited a long time, I didn’t hear it again. I decided to respond, just in case. Can’t have some other creature moving in on my cave! I thumped my foot.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Deb Thumps


What was I going to do with Freckles? She was once again digging under the couch and seemed quite determined to excavate her hole. Telling her “no” had done no good. She’d stop for a moment and then return to her scratching at the carpet. I thought about squirting her with water. I’d heard that worked quite well for training cats.

Freckles handles frustration in a very direct way. When she doesn’t like something, she lets us know by thumping her foot. The action is so fast that, even when you’re watching her, you can’t always see the foot move. She’ll thump when she doesn’t like the food on her plate. She’ll thump when the door to her room isn’t open and she wants to come out. She thumped a lot when a friend stopped by with her little dog in tow. The dog’s curiosity and quick movements annoyed Freckles and she thumped (and grunted also -- more about grunting in a future post!)

On the off chance that I had discovered a way to reach Freckles and convey my own frustration at her behavior, I raised my foot and slammed my shoe onto the floor, creating quite an impressive “THUMP,” if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Proud Freckles, Keep on Digging...


I’d made it! I was back in my sanctuary and feeling quite proud of my skill at finding a weakness in the strange wall that blocked the cave’s entrance. With my chest puffed proudly, I settled in to contemplate my next move.

It wasn’t long before I remembered my original plan to dig my burrow. The strange dirt had just begun to loosen when I was so rudely interrupted before. I searched for the spot and when I located it, I returned to the process of digging.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Back to the Digs


Well, Freckles had entrenched herself under the couch once more. I decided not to push the point unless she started digging again. Her ability to find a way through the obstacle of the blankets astounded me. She’s a stubborn one, that’s for sure. I settled onto the couch and read my book.

It wasn’t long before I heard the sound I’d been dreading -- scratching; Freckles was at it again!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Freckles Succeeds


I hopped over to the large wide cave and surveyed the strange substance that blocked the entrance. I nibbled and poked, but recognition of the material eluded me. When I attempted to gnaw a hole in it, I heard the high-voiced one shout and I stopped. It tasted yucky anyway. Continuing my inspection, I spied a tiny crevice between the material and the roof of the cave. Noting that the material only blocked the entrance and didn’t extend into the whole cave, I thought a moment. If I could grab it, I might be able to pull it away from the opening. I searched for a weak point and finally found one. Opening my mouth, I seized the substance, and yanked. It gave way! Quickly I scooted through the hole.