Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't Make the Bunny Mad!


The feet that belonged to the strange creature were not the feet of anyone I had ever met -- of that fact, I was sure. Wait – it was talking to someone else in the tunnel, and I didn’t recognize that creature either. What were these strange creatures doing in MY Other World and MY Home Place? Not only were they invading my space, but they were making a mess -- throwing things on the floor and shoving the boulders and trees in my Home Place around. That must have been what they were doing in the Other World earlier. Don't they know that making messes and shoving things around is MY job!

I couldn’t let them get away with this! I knew that they must be stopped! As the Queen of the Other World, I demand that all creatures respect my space! They were making me mad! They should have read the warning sign posted on the portal of my Home Place.


nipper said...

Go, mighty Freckles, show them how to respect Mistress of the Other World!

The Bunns said...

Hooray! Freckles takes charge!!!

Angel said...

Yeah Freckles, it is time to show who is who!

C.K. said...

Love the sign, lol! Someone near my neighbourhood has one that say beware attack turtle. Maybe the turtle and Freckles could join forces.