Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big Feet


I searched with all my senses to try to figure out who was in the Other Place. Usually, I’d wake up in the morning and the High-Voiced One or Big Guy would give me something delicious to eat. Then I would go to visit the Other Place for a while. Before long, one of them would entice me back to my Home Place with a treat, and then they would close the portal. I would hear a couple of loud thumps and there would be silence for a long time before the High-Voiced One would return to open the Home Place portal again.

On this day, the pattern had been broken by these strange creatures with strange voices and strange noises. As I was trying to figure out who they could be, the Home Place portal suddenly opened and from my place deep in my cave I could see two giant feet rush into the room. These feet were as big as Big Guy’s or Nice Guy’s, but I did not recognize them or their unusual smell.


Jessica Burkhart said...

Hi, Deb! You've won a prize on my blog. Check today's post for details. :)

Anonymous said...

Gasp! Oh my gosh, who invaded your nest?

The Bunns said...


FrecklesandDeb said...

Yippee! Freckles and I won a free book at Jessica Burkhart's blog (she's another writer!) We're pretty excited! It will help what's going to happen next in our story be a little easier to handle!

(You might want to find a good place to's about to get even scarier!)

Angel said...