Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deb's Activities That Fateful Day


There wasn’t anything unusual about that particular day at work. I arrived early, handled the usual business, and headed for home late in the afternoon. Stopping at the grocery store, I picked up some items for dinner. I remember that it was August and the weather was hot. I decided to purchase ice cream and surprise my husband with a milkshake for dinner to go with the grilled steaks and vegetables I planned.

I loaded the groceries in my car and headed for home.


Angel said...

And what happened later?

nipper said...

Yeah, sounds like a beautiful day you had to me!

Deb said...

I'm really hoping you had something delivered and haven't told us yet. I'm even more afraid that you didn't.

Is Freckles a watch bunny?

The Bunns said...

Wait .. what about the poor bunny, Freckles????

Rabbits' Guy said...

To heck with the rabbit! How was that fab. dinner?????