Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Tag Must Not Live!


After Freckles threw the ball around a few times, she dropped it and stared at it. I wasn't sure if she enjoyed the jingling sound it made, but she seemed to be wondering why it only jingled when she played with it.

She snatched the paper tag that was attached to the ball with one of those clear plastic loops. Chewing as fast as she could, she made fast work of the tag. Evidently Freckles prefers her twine balls without labels!


Nips-n-Cuddles said...

Ooh, Freckles, I have one of those, too! I like to nibble on the loose strands that come off of it, you know, savor the thing. Have fun with it!

The Furry Kids said...

We were super behind in the story. I'm glad we're all caught up now. Freckles, Momma watched the video of you and fell in love with your ears. She wants to play with them and give them scritches. Oh, and tags are super good to chew on. hee hee


The Bunns said...

Dang, we need to look for some of those. We can't believe you ate the whole thing!

As you may know, We Bunns are in charge of The House of Rabbits for awhile. A whole new perspective!