Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Rectangular Annoyance


I flung the ball around a few more times, but a rectangular thing kept whapping me in the face. It was attached to the ball with a stiff bit of string. This was no good and it sure was annoying! I couldn’t return the ball to Nice Guy and have it whap him everytime he flings it.

I decided that I would remove the rectangular thing. The best way I knew how to get rid of something was to chew it up. So, I started with one end and worked my way through.


archi ann said...

good call Freckles - way to go protecting Nice Guy (and you) from impending danger!

The Bunns said...

That's what we say .. if it ain't broke, improve it!

Angel said...

Such a nice face. Real sweetie! Yo

ChiliLady said...

your blog is awesomeness, i added it to my favourits!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Archi Ann - Nice to hear from you!

The Bunns - Didn't know who you were at first! We're so used to Rabbit Guy's comments. Glad you came by!

Angel & Chililady - Welcome! We're happy you stopped by! Hope you keep coming back to see what happens!