Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seeking Nourishment


From where I was sitting in the Sky Place I couldn’t see what was causing the rustling sound in the Slippery Ground Land, even when I stretched my neck as far as it would go. But, I knew that I usually heard the sound before scrumptious food was delivered to me.

Something growled. I jumped in the air and searched the area all around me searching for the source of the growling. When it growled again, I realized that it was my own stomach! I had to have nourishment or I might die here, alone in the Sky Place.

I hopped as fast as I could into the Slippery Ground Land, stopping with a short skid directly in front of the high-voiced one. I searched the ground around me to see if I could locate the fantastic smell that floated in the air.


Deb said...

So, are you ready to believe in the high-voiced one?!

Anonymous said...

maybe she'll drop some while she's preparing it so your stomach won't turn in on itself!

The Meezers said...

oh no, you didn't die from hunger did you? that would be awful!

The Bunns said...

If you sniff it, it will come!!!

Works for us!