Saturday, February 16, 2008

Freckles & the Jingling Thing


The brown round thing that had fallen out of the sack Nice Guy dropped bounced right past me and rolled into the Sky Place. I chased after it to see where it landed and to return it to Nice Guy. It jingled as it bounced, stopping when it reached one of the bushes.

I climbed under the bush and snatched it up in my teeth. It continued its jingling as I grasped hold of it and then lost my grip. Several times my hold slipped. Out of frustration I flung it around to show it who was the boss.

Suddenly I realized that this flinging of the jingling thing was kind of fun. Maybe I'd fling it a few more times before returning it to Nice Guy!


Anonymous said...

great job Freckles... i bet the Nice Guy bought it for you!

Andrewbun said...

Hi Freckles! I had one of those furry cool toys too! But mine was a little one!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Hi Freckles, this is The Princess from The House of Rabbits. We bunns here are in charge for awhile. I say open a store-front on your site there and sell those babys .. you will become self sustaining that way!!!

Deb said...

It's nice of you to say you were going to give it back, but it sure doesn't look like you're going to part with this amazing thing any time soon.

Susan Sandmore said...

Freckles, I'm so glad you showed that jingling thing who's boss! Have fun with it!