Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Freckles and the Ficus


I am lacking in the ability to keep plants alive inside my house. I don’t know if it is the north/south exposure of the windows, or if the fact that I forget to water them plays a part in this deficiency of mine. After a number of years of purchasing live plants and then dumping their dried remains a few months later, I have given up on live plants. I believe God knew what he was doing when he invented silk plants for people like me. I have purchased them for almost every room and am trying to figure out how I could use them in my outside garden!

I purchased two lovely ficus trees of different sizes for the living room a while back. You'd never know that they weren't real. They came in lovely wicker baskets. Knowing what Freckles likes to do with wicker, I also purchased some large ceramic planters to protect the wicker from her sharp little teeth. Dried moss glued to the base of the tree would become a target for her as well, so I replaced the moss with timothy hay! That way, when she nibbled on it (as I knew she surely would), I wouldn’t have to worry about her getting sick.

As Freckles hopped away from her Crispy Chew to the other side of the room, she seemed to notice one of the trees for the very first time.


buggins said...

Timothy hay at the base of a chewie no-no? BRILLIANT!!

The Furry Kids said...

It sounds like your house is Freckles-proofed. That's a big bummer for Freckles. :/

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a change to the house I could dig!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Freckles WILL prevail!!!! (Once she returns from the grand adventure to Nebraska!)

PS ... of course you, and all visitors, will know the new Ficus are not real. There will not be a bunch of dead leaves laying on the floor under them! The Princess has learned that dead Ficus leaves are yuck!

d. moll, said...

Nice touch with the hay. It can be a red flag when Freckles notices something for the first time...uh oh..She can be so mischevious, I am a little worried, but Tyler and Sydney are busy taking notes (an activity hampered by a lack of thumbs, but attempted all the same).

Anonymous said...

You're not alone.. even cactus die under my care :( my hands are anything but green..

Anonymous said...

yeah i can't keep plants and then if i try the dogs tip em over

love doggies

this is a great idea!