Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Award for a Bunch of Our Friends!

We got a great award from our friends Tyler and Sidney over at The Qi Papers and then got the same award from our friend Buggins over at Sam's Place!

Thank you so much! It is beautiful! It was a very tough job trying to narrow down who we were going to pass the award along to, because we read so many wonderful blogs. We also couldn't figure out if we were supposed to pass it on to 7 or 14 blogs since two different people gave it to us, but finally decided on 10 because someone got tired and did a flattening flop under the table rather than help pick anymore. The rules below do say at least 7, and we thought 10 was close. So, here goes:

Catbird Scout (Not a bunny blog, but our friend Deb is a wonderful author who puts words together in such an imaginative way that the beautiful images almost overwhelm you sometimes. No, this Deb is not Freckles' Deb, who only wishes she could write as well!)
Life and Times of Bunnies (Gus and Betsy – buns who know how to have a good time and keep their dad on his toes!)
Zing Shui (Zinger, a bun, & the doggies, & their mum)
FourBunnies (Emma, Potter, Bella, -- & Little Roo in her new forever home)
Diva Kitty & the Fluffies (Sophia, Fiona, Orlando – They make us laugh!)
Life with Reno Rabbits (Bambi, Cinnamon, Gerald, & Clint, buns who have survived so much)
Lola the Lovely Lop (Lola, a bun with a great bunitude)
Asta's World (Our doggie friend who amazes us with her marvelously wonderful life and expert fashion sense!)
Belle and Ferdinand and Cornelius too (These buns and their feeder are a hoot and we wish we had gotten to know Ferdinand before he went to bunny heaven!)
Johann, an Agility Dog (Johann is such fun to watch in his agility runs, and we've learned so much about agility training from his blog! We usually have to take a nap after we read about all that fun hard work because we are exhausted!)

(Note from Freckles on agility training -- I saw bunnies hopping obstacle courses on YouTube here and here and here. Please don't tell Deb about it, especially since one of the bunnies looks just like me. I don't want her getting any stupid ideas about me and hurdles! I'll leave the athletics up to Johann!)

If you are one of the above you can pick up your award here.


Please take this as the honor that is is and pass it on to some of the sites you enjoy. The rules of accepting are as follows:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.


The Cat Realm said...

Congratulation on you award!!!

Asta said...

Freckles and Deb..Thank you so vewy much fow this awawd..I just got it fwom anothew fwiend too..I'm ovewwhelmed and gwateful..Thank you!!

Freckles I won't say a peep about , you know..
love and smoochie kisses

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the award and you picked a great list of blogs! Freckles, sorry it got tiring picking and you had to flop! You are a silly bun! I love reading your blog every day! I did the word cloud thing yesterday too and that was kind of fun!

Anonymous said...

Great award! you DO deserve it )))

Deb said...

Thank you Deb and Freckles! I'm so honored to be included in this hall of bunny blogger fame. Thank you Deb, for my third Shimmer. :)

Deb said...

P.S. Freckles, I think it's a good idea for you not to show up those other bunnies on the agility course. As always, you are so thoughtful.

Johann The Dog said...

Wowser! Thanks so much for this cool award! We are honored.

You should try agility, I bet you would have so much fun! I know I do. Did you also know that sheep, and pigs, and hammies, and fish do it too?

Have a great weekend! Woofs, Johann

Lola said...

Thank you for the award! Sorry we have been absent- mom is finishing up school! :)