Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Total Assessment of the Situation


Freckles hopped slowly and carefully around the box, checking it from all sides. She stood on her back legs and checked out the top. I worried that she might try to jump onto the top of it and topple over with it, but she soon went back to all fours and continued her examination. She poked it a few times with her nose and chin. She took a step back and considered the box for a bit longer, probably wondering what she should do next. Although she seemed suspicious of its purpose, I had no way of letting her know it was perfectly harmless.

Finally, she moved to the front of the box and, getting bolder, stuck her head inside. Taking the towels in her teeth, she rearranged them to her liking, but, she still didn’t climb inside. She moved once again to the side of the box for what I thought would be another nosing and chinning maneuver. However, she grabbed the corner of the box in her teeth and ripped a huge slice of the label from the box!


Angel said...

That's right! Let's taste it )))

The Furry Kids said...

It's always fun to put the bitey on cardboard. hee hee


d. moll, said...

Show your stuff, Freckles.

archi ann said...

cardboard is yummers!