Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Letting Go


With the back door barricaded shut, we finished picking up the mess throughout the house. We’d go shopping for a new door next weekend, but I didn’t know of any store where we could purchase some fresh piece of mind. Even though the burglars had not taken anything of great value, they had invaded our home. Our lives had been violated. They had gone through our stuff and searched through the pieces of our history trying to rob us of our hard-earned dollars. I felt angry, livid, infuriated, incensed, furious, and pretty darn mad!

I allowed myself an evening of being outraged, and then I told myself I had to let go of the anger. What was done, was done. We needed to move on. So, move on we did.


Angel said...

It is a kind of wise decision!

Fiona Bun said...

We're just happy everyone and everybun is ok!

nipper said...

...and move on ye shall. It's good that you're able to accept the feeling as being proper to your situation and release it so well.

Another adventure for Freckles awaits!!!

Asta said...

My Mommi says she knows how you feel, cause when she was a teenagew xomene invaded theiw house(she and hew pawents wewe all home sneeping..gulp!)
No one got huwt,they just took cash..but it took hew a long time to feel safe...
I hope you stawt feeling safe soon
love and smoochie kisses

Rabbits' Guy said...

It happened to us twice ... such a creepy feeling. After the 2nd one I stayed up all night outside hiding in the dark with a baseball bat in case they came back!

It was a bit easier to move on after no sleep that night!

archi ann said...

i can't imagine what that was like to go thru and agree that it's good you got it out and can let go and move on. not easy always but wise.
-archi's mum

Deb said...

Thank goodness you had Freckles to comfort you during this time. Did they every catch the guys?

FrecklesandDeb said...

Sadly, the culprits were never captured (or at least not caught for our breakin -- hopefully they were caught for some other crime!)
Deb & Freckles