Monday, September 15, 2008

We're Back!!!


Thank you for your patience during our short vacation. As Freckles told you, I was busy trying to get everything up and running for this school year. With our school’s remodel, there was much to do. We couldn’t move in until Labor Day weekend and the occupancy wasn’t a sure thing until 4:00 p.m. on that Tuesday (school started Wednesday morning!)

Anyway, everything is moved in (I still have 2 ½ boxes of “stuff” to go through, but am functioning fine without it so far!) School is started. And, other than a few minor problems like no door on the school office, no doorknobs on the classroom doors, and unfinished band and orchestra rooms (scheduled to be done in October), we’re doing great.

Now to Freckles assertion that I was grouchy. Totally untrue! I was a bit tired, slightly overwhelmed, and single-mindedly focused on my job, but not grouchy! And, quite frankly, she was having too much fun in her new box house to really care. In an attempt at a little remodeling of her own, she moved the huge box all over the living room and even added two other boxes to make quite a castle – one truly deserving of a queen like Freckles. (She even managed to drag over some of her “cloud” paper to scatter around the ground – see previous entries!) So, don’t let her fool you, although I'm sure she missed you as much as I did, she was quite content during her hiatus!

Anyway, we’ll start our new adventure tomorrow. It’s called “The Jungle” and we’ll tell of the harrowing time when…well, you’ll just have to come back tomorrow to find out!


PJ said...

Technically speaking, I'm on vacation but I don't leave until tomorrow morning. I'll just have to catch up when I get back and until then I hope that Freckles will prevail!
PS Deb, you're a really good mum to leave cloud and castle materials, disguised potted plants and the like everywhee. You might want to check the deed to your house and make sure you still own the joint.

Rabbits' Guy said...

OK ... time to fluff up the pillow, check my popcorn stash and JuJus, and lock the doors and pull the blinds. The "Return of Freckles" is coming!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! Sounds like Freckles had a blast while you were busy with your own things :D

The Jungle?? Oh, hurry up and tell us all about it!!

Anonymous said...

welcome back!

in answer to your question - yup
haven't had the heart to post... he climbed the "rabbit proof" fencing and got out :(

so i've been lurking and reading but haven't felt like posting

Deb said...

So glad to hear that you survived the chaos of school's opening. It seems like Freckles calling you grumpy is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Silly rabbit!