Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kidlit Bloggers Conference

Here is where Freckles and Deb spent last Saturday! We had a wonderful time. The conference presenters offered lots of information about blogging and kidlit (which is children's literature for those who were wondering!) It was held at the Sheraton Portland (Oregon) Airport Hotel.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking: She wasn't crazy enough to bring Freckles to a hotel conference, was she? Well, here's some proof:

That's Rachel (on the left) and Kim (on the right) and Freckles in the middle! They are a couple of Deb's friends and are soon-to-be-famous authors!

Now, here is where I need to apologize to another friend and also soon-to-be-famous author, Annette. You see, Annette also posed with Freckles, however I was having trouble with my camera. (I really should review the directions more often!) The picture didn't turn out very well. In fact it's not really a picture -- it's a fuzzy video that mostly shows the tablecloth with my voice in the background saying, "What's wrong with this camera?" So, Annette, I'm really sorry. I'll do better next time!

Here's another picture of Freckles posing with some people:
That's Laini (on the left ) and Jen (on the right) and, of course, Freckles in the middle.
Laini is the author of a terrific fantasy book called Blackbringer and is also one of the two organizers of the event (the other one is Jone. Somehow I didn't get her picture with Freckles.)
Jen has a very cool blog containing so much information about children's books and authors that your head might explode if you try to read it all! But trying is still lots of fun!
There is so much to share with everyone about this conference that I'll just have to come back tomorrow to continue. See you then!


Hef's Mom said...

Deb, you should have taken Freckles. Last year on Hef's first easter my whole family was going out to easter brunch and I emailed the restaurant and asked to bring Hef. He was allowed to go! He has a nice carrier with a see through mesh side and he sat on a chair and had some greens and a couple kids pet him thru the door of his carrier. I'll blog about it sometime. Good substitute idea though!

Annette Gulati said...

Not a problem, Deb. Freckles will have to come to another event sometime. It was great to spend the day with him (and you, of course)!

Rachel said...

Great pics Deb. It was great to finally meet Freckles, if only in sticker form. :)

Anonymous said...

Sticky buns in motion!

Kim Kasch said...

How fun - I didn't even know I was on this page with my friend Freckles.

Anonymous said...

great shots )))